I.B.M. in Talks On Trust Suit

Special to the New York Times

Washington -- June 1, 1980 -- Lawyers for the International Business Machines Corporation and the Justice Department met for more than two hours on Friday in a seventh round of what Sanford Litvack, Assistant Attorney General, called ''preliminary talks'' about a possible settlement of the Government's antitrust suit to break up the No.1 computer producer.

A Government spokesman refused to characterize the talks, which have proceeded sporadically since Oct. 9, 1979. An eighth meeting is to occur in early June. The 11-year-old suit has been in trial in Federal court in New York since 1975 and is expected to wind up this year.

Representing I.B.M. at the meeting in Mr. Litvack's office were the company's general counsel, Nicholas deB. Katzenbach; Thomas Barr, the chief trial attorney, and Paul Warnke, a Washington lawyer.

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