From: "Brian" <>
Subject: HELP!    SIOCADDRT error during boot
Date: 1998/02/19
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Organization: Rogers WAVE
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Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.networking


Am going crazy trying to get online with wave account.

During boot I get,

SIOCADDRT: network unreachable

and that is the beginning and end of it.

I am running a SMC 8432T at irq 11 and i/o fc80.

I have selected the DECchip 21041 driver.

Hardware works perfectly in W95 connected to a Lancity cable-modem.

Have entered IP address, netmask, gateway, domain name and 3 dns address'
(the same numbers that work in W95).

Can ping my own IP address but anything else yields 'network unreachable'.

Have attempted identical setup on Red Hat 5.0 install and Slackware 3.4
install - same result.