From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Require Sun 3/60 EEPROM
Date: 1998/05/26
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Hi All:

I am the latest owner of a model Sun-3/60C/G with monitor ROM revision
2.8.3. Have fired it up and am pleased to report it functions, finds 16
megabytes of memory but only tests 8 megabytes, finds the type 4 keyboard &
an LED on the mouse lights and the 8 LEDs on the back go through their POST
and lands on the 5 LED and blinks serenely.

Have read some FAQs and found that typing "h" produces a help table, not "?"
as specified.

Am looking for a replacement PROM, revision 3.0.1 (I believe the latest) -
anybody out there with a revision 3.0.1 PROM for a Sun 3/60 or a EPROM
burner (image is freely available) please contact me at .

Am also looking for any original equipment documentation for the 3/60 -
anything out there? Looking to save it for posterity.

Lastly, is there any way to install SunOS 4.0.1 without a tape drive, i.e.
over a network?

Thanks for your help.