From: (walterbyrd)
Subject: Buy/sell/trade older PC stuff? (Denver or nearby).
Date: 15 Jun 2001 07:45:41 -0700
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I play around with old PC stuff, don't ask why.  Of course I end
up with too much of this and not enough of that. Hoping somebody out
there want to trade some stuff.

Swap, cheap, or I may just give away:

-	Bare bones DELL 486 66x with built in SVGA.
-	Old motherboards. 486s and low-end Pentiums. Don't know if
they work.
-	Gateway boxes. One is a big tower, the other a desktop.
-	ISA cards: especially VGA and Multi-function cards.
-	Working 386 systems with standard  AT cases. 
-	30-pin memory 1MB and 4MB simms.
-	Mono monitor and ISA &#8220;Hercules&#8221; card.
-	486 CPUs.
-	FDDs and very low capacity HDDs.
-	Old 10-port hub.
-	Linux and FreeBSD CDROMs.
-	If you want something that is not listed, send me a message,
I'll take another look in my basement.

Stuff I could use:

-	SVGA or even VGA monitors.
-	Stuff to network old Mac //cx.
-	Motherboard for Cyrix MII 333Mhz CPU.
-	PCI video cards.
-	Original Quake game.
-	AMD 500Mhz  K6-2 CPU.
-	100&#8217; Cat-5 cable.
-	Just about anything made within the last five years &#8211; if
it's cheap enough.
-	Note: my wife will kill me if I accumulate more old stuff.

From: (walterbyrd)
Subject: Older PC Stuff: buy/sell/trade/give-away
Date: 3 Jul 2001 09:37:34 -0700
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Stuff I have to offer:

- 30 pin memory
- 386s and 486s w/standard AT cases
- ISA cards - all kinds
- gateway pentium system cases
- tractor feed paper
- dot matrix printers
- 486 and pentium motherboards
- 486 CPUs
- low capacity IDE HDDs
- 3.5 & 5.25 FDDs
- linux and freebsd cdroms
- external scsi tape drive

Stuff I could use:

- PCI SVGA cards
- ink cartridges for HP-670cx
- VGA or SVGA monitors
- mobo for cyrix mii 333mhz cpu
- tape cartridge for external scsi tape drive (big - 8 track - I think)

Please email: