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I have been keeping up with Slackware current and have noticed how
profoundly SLOW the new sourceforge site is the past
couple months.

Even before the release of Slackware 8.0, it was common to experience
frequent stalls and extremely slow downloads, sometimes below 1KB/s.

I wish Patrick could move to a more evolved internet site, perhaps like the
old (now named - runner-up for stupid domain
name of the year award) like the old days.

This is especially problematic as sourceforge can't even seem to keep the
Slackware Store running - how are they supposed to make money if the virtual
doors are virtually closed?

By the way, I successfully downloaded version 8.0 from
at between 150-200KB/s - took about 70 minutes. Compare this with an average
DL speed of 2.5-3KB/s from sourceforge and an ETA of over 75 hours, what
with the frequent stalls.

One last thought, I hope the JERKS at that sold out and left
Slackware homeless are now looking for jobs themselves.

Just one guy's opinion.