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Subject: MSN messenger is once again pooched...
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It is interesting to me Microsoft wants to put itself into the "Reliable
Network Resource" business but it seems to have all kinds of problems
keeping it's websites up, its mail portal running (after partially
converting to W2k  from FreeBSD) and their messenger service online. The
reason I am here is to note that MSN messenger is once again pooched.

Even Netcraft makes it very clear that W2K rarely gets beyond the 60 day
mark whereas Unix/Linux systems are routinely showing 300 days plus between

I don't even want to start about my W98se desktop, which has to be routinely
re-installed about every 90 days. The last re-install was two weeks ago and
already I am starting to see signs of wear & tear.

You know what I wish? I wish Microsoft would work to make their exisiting
products stable before they go releasing Newer & Better versions (Newer
means get to charge you all over again, Better means better for Microsoft -
more features that don't work, less documentation and a virtually crippled
and useless "Help" system.

The biggest complaint from Microsoft of late is their attack of the open
software movement, which routinely produces superior stable products all for
free - all that is required is you learn a new operating system paradigm.
This hasn't made much impact on the desktop yet but let me tell you it is
tearing Microsoft a new asshole in the IT business. Microsoft is facing an
erroding user base in face of mature stable faster more efficient network
solutions (mail, ftp, http, dns and the dozens of server utilities).

Oh yes, I have been told that I should upgrade to Windows 2000 Pro which is
supposed to be superior to Windows 98se - well I did and it was a fiasco. My
machine became slower, some of my hardware isn't supported, some of my
applications and games weren't supported AND it wasn't any more reliable
than W98se - still crashed, locked up, blue screened and became weird on a
regular basis. I took it back to the store and demanded and received a
refund - store clerk told me there have been many returns for W2KPro and WME
so he wasn't surprised.

Microsoft should just concentrate on building a good product and providing
customer support and documentation and quit worrying about putting everyone
else out of business.

Just one guy's opinion.