From: "Brian" <>
Subject: MSFT closes at 53.02 - 3 month low...
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 13:37:42 -0700
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Hello Dear Friends:


That sound you hear is Microsoft circling the bowl.

Today, Microsoft ended trading today at $53.02.

If you recall, I predicted Microsoft stock would suffer a steady decline
after Christmas - guess I was right!


It would be very revealing to see what would happen if Microsoft were to
actually pay dividends, something it hasn't done since 1999.

It would also be interesting to see what would happen if Microsoft were
actually audited. I for one suspect Microsoft could be fudging the books
just like Enron. Microsoft has cultivated a society of deceit in all it's
dealings with everyone so why should they reveal the bad news when it could
effect their standing.

Remember; Microsoft lies, cheats and steals.


One thing is for sure, His Billness won't be hurting judging by the way he
is selling off his MSFT stock.

Best regards,

Linux Mystic