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Subject: I know what XP really stands fro....
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 23:23:37 -0700
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Hello Dear Friends:

XP stands for eXtra Problems!

Do I have an XP tale to tell!

This is a story about my neighbour - lets call him Bob, and his venture into
Microsoft corporate computing!

Bob is a nice guy, keeps his lawn neat and trim, has a wife two kids and a
girlfriend at work. Bob brings home a copy of Microsoft XP Pro Corporate
edition to install on his home computer (you see, the corporate edition has
no activation process - just the CD key).

Bob wants me to help him with the install whereas I ask him why he wants to
change to XP - I tell him what I think but he insists he wants it. I go over
to Bob's house for some BBQ, beer and watch over his installation of XP on
his 2 year old Pentium III 550 MHz with 512 meg memory and two large HDs, 30
gig & 18 gig I think.

Everything went well for about 10 minutes until the first BSOD:

fastfat.sys stop: blah blah blah...

I do a Google search and Microsoft KnowledgeBust search and find that this
error first occured back in the NT 3.51 days - I see Microsoft is getting
right on it to correct the problem!

I will make a long story short (BSODs, Lockups, spontaneous reboots,
freezes, request and repeated CD Key entries)and say that Bob destroyed his
W98se installation including all his files, mail, documents and everything
IT he holds dear while I watched in horror! This is a guy that used to run
Word Perfect on DOS - not a newbie!

Here are a few of the best parts:

Dynamic Update unavailable - server missing? (for install file update)
Counldn't connect to Microsoft Update - server missing?
Connection to online compatability checking - was directed to Microsoft's
catalog sales area?
Helpful error messages like: "Windows setup has encountered a problem and
needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."


His computer is now in my office where I am scrapping everything down to the
wood and starting from scratch!

Wanna hear the best part? Bob was given the XP licence by his boss because
they had lots of machines that wouldn't take XP at work!

Well, all of you out there like to crow about Windows XP stability (Brian
MVP) - What A Load Of Crap! I have never seen anything more user unfriendly
and stupidly incoherrent in my life!

I now have XP running on Bob's computer after a removing every non-essential
card/drive/format and installing using the NTFS on the C: drive - the exact
same drive that was producing BSODs with the fastfat.sys system file. You
would think that Microsoft would have fixed that after all these years.

Oh, by the way - how do you partition a hard disk after it is installed?

Windows XP help, didn't!


Best regards dear friends,

Linux Mystic