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Subject: Microsoft client opts for Linux...
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 15:59:52 -0700
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Hello Dear Friends:

Just finished stage one of a Linux upgrade to a traditional Microsoft house
here in Vancouver.

My new client has been a MS-only house since the 80's - total ~60 desktops
and 14 server boxes. Apparently there is tension between client and local
Microsloth providers.

Recently had Microsloth drone come in to evaluate upgrading 8 Dell 200MHz
64Meg Pentium Pro file servers running NT4 to latest Microsloth specs. In
house Microsloth IT guys were complaining about hardware getting dated and
unreliable - lots of reboots etc.

Well estimate came in just under $60,000 for all new Dell hardware, 10
Winblows 2000 server licenses, extra seat licenses, installation blah blah
blah... Plus factor in the annual maintenance (assurance) contracts blah
blah blah...

Client asked me to review and make estimate for equal Linux utility.


I promised instant results for less than 10% Microsloth quote with small
hardware supplement.

Installed Slackware 8.1 on four of the Dells, installed all existing scsi
HD's and memory into the Linux Dells plus two new IBM 80 gig HDs, 8 new
10/100 NICs (LinkSys),  a new 16 port 10/100 switch (LinkSys) some fresh
CAT5 cables and was up and serving in less than 6 hours.

Oh, I removed the keyboards, mice, cd drives and monitors from the Linux
Dells. Also disconnected the "reset" and "power" switches on Linux Dells to
prevent the Microsloth IT guys from performing "Microsoft maintenance" -
rebooting to solve a problem. Longest time was installing the two 80 gig HDs
(for backup), changing filesystem to Linux ext3 and moving files around.

Spent part of today getting all the accounts, permissions, file management,
networking, routing set up, tuned and purring FROM MY OFFICE. 8^)

Will be looking at replacing exhausted Exchange server next month for same
client - will replace with sendmail and imapd mail storage (all mail for
organization will be stored securely on central server) - some Microsloth
desktops have been loosing their email apparently.

The client is absolutely ecstatic because cost of upgrade to Linux is
minimal (7% of Microsloth estimate) and existing expensive hardware still
has another year or two of useful life!

Further, have agreed to provide a mini education campaign for IT guys to
bring them up to speed - I know for a fact one guy isn't going to cooperate
but the other two appear interested.

I saved the best part for last! The four Linux Dell PPro 200MHz 128MByte
fileservers now serve more data faster than the 8 Dells with Microsloth NT4!

No wonder Microsoft is freaking out?


Best regards,

Linux Mystic