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Posted On: 2003-06-02 16:54:00
Subject: SCO stock scam theory:


I would tend to believe with the SCO stock scam theory:

3 yearly and 150 day share price:

Note the price jump after Feb 18th then SCO started talking about recovering revenue from IP rights, and again on March 7th when SCO announced it was suing IBM. There have also been reports of SCO making a filing that would allow offloading of SCO stock by two major shareholders (presumably Ralph Yarro and Ray Noorda):

Insider ownership is 68.01%
http://mon vestor/invsub/owners hip/ownership.asp?Sy mbol=SCOX

Chairman Ralph Yarro and former director Ray Noorda share control of 46% of the company through The Canopy Group, a venture capital firm

'SCO Group warned in a regulatory filing that its billion-dollar lawsuit alleging that IBM misappropriated trade secrets will be costly and could alienate others in the computing industry.
"Unintended consequences of our lawsuit against IBM may adversely affect our business," the seller of Unix and Linux products warned last week in a regulatory filing that permits two major shareholders to sell all their stock.'

SCO Chief Financial Officer sold off 7,000 and later 4,100 of his 245,000 SCO shares after the price jump.
ref: l=SCOX
http://mon vestor/invsub/inside r/planned.asp?Symbol =SCOX

So you have an ailing company which is making heavy losses, 68% of shares are owned by insiders, it launches a bizarre lawsuit preceded strangely by a media PR offensive, and makes an SEC filing to allow insiders to sell shares. Instead of fighting the lawsuit in court and maintaining it's customer base, it mounts a media offensive which will lose SCO it's customer base and offend most of it's partners, the purpose of which can only sensibly be to push up share prices. Even more bizzarely SCO launches a media attack on other Linux distros and suspends it's own Linux distro without even filing a lawsuit against the other Linux distros. This is all very strange if you actually intend to extract IP revenue from lawsuits, but perfectly sensible if it is all just a scam to push up share prices. To top that SCO's chief financial officer is busy offloading his shares. Now all of this looks to me suspiciously like the rats are preparing to desert a sinking ship.

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Posted On: 2003-06-09 13:44:00
Subject: why the press seems to favor SCOX?

Simple, credible writers will not touch SCOX NDA with a ten foot pole. They see the NDA for the scam that it is. Consider this:

Dan Ravicher, an attorney who specializes in free software and open-source issues at the firm of Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, said in an interview there are three key problems with the NDA. First, Ravicher said, "SCO can pick and choose among all its evidence" to show only the parts that back up the company's claims. "They're agreeing to let you see the half of the picture that they want you to see", he added.

Second, the NDA does not exclude information that the recipient obtained in ways other than from SCO. If SCO showed a patent or other public document to someone bound by the NDA, that person would not be allowed to discuss it even if he or she had been previously aware of it, Ravicher said. "The definition of confidential information is much larger than I've seen in any other agreement", Ravicher said. "It covers a lot of stuff that wouldn't be, by a textbook definition, confidential."

Finally, the NDA requires any dispute to be settled in the state of Utah, which could be "pretty onerous" for people outside the state. "They could sue me and make me go to Utah to prove I didn't disclose confidential information", Ravicher said.

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Posted On: 2003-06-09 22:16:00
Subject: excellent article about scox scam.

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Posted On: 2003-07-21 10:25:00
Subject: great post from

SCO/McBride is a cancer that manipulates the media for profit.
It all started with
"I've got a secret, and its going to hurt you."
Like that should have any legal standing.
How ominous. And then they'll take you to court, and never mind why.
Show cause? Ha!
I should try it.
Me: "I'm suing you for damages."
U: "Really. What was damaged?"
Me: "Never mind. I'm gonna sue. Send money, acknowledge your guilt. My lawyers have you in their sights."
U: "How were you damaged by me?"
Me: "I refuse to tell you unless you give me money and sign an NDA."
U: "How can you sue me when you refuse to say what for?"
Me: "For damages. Send money, or be sued."
U: "Get lost, son of a wombat."
Me: "Ad hominem attacks won't stop me from suing you. You are now on notice."
U: "But you haven't said why."
Me: "Irrelevent. I've got a secret. And now you have three options:
... pay me license fee
... pay me for signing an NDA
... pay me when I sue your butt."
U: "I feel trapped, I can't risk trouble. Here's some money..."

Some companies will pay money. And pSyChO will happily soak it up. This is a perfect example of needing no legal position to use threats and intimidation to extort money. Pumping fear/FUD is a low cost investment. These guys should be considered economic terrorists and spend some time in Gautanomo Bay.

But then, I have no patience for scumming scammers.

-- SCO soaks up millions from cowed companies.
-- SCO never actually sues anyone.
-- Another scam is cooked up later.

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Posted On: 2003-07-24 11:21:00
Subject: Utah = Scam Capital of America?

If so, it's news to me. I have been googling for Mormon investment scams and other Mormon illegal activities. It seems to be a rich tradition going back over a century. But usually, Mormons rip off other Mormons.

I found this, but it is from "watchman.og" so take it for what it's worth. Still it does cite a lot specifics.

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Posted On: 2003-07-28 10:10:00
Subject: Linux resellers dismiss SCO licensing

Is scox's little scam working? I suppose it is to some degree. scox share price up sharply on no news, as canopy companies trade between one another.

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Posted On: 2003-08-04 22:33:00
Subject: eweek slams the scox/sunw scam

>> McNealy compared the Linux community to Napster's MP3 swashbucklers and referred darkly to the copyright liability dangers of opting for the open-source "lifestyle."<<

McNealy is parroting McBride here. Should be no surprise to anybody who can see through their little scam.

>> There's no free lunch here. Sun can't placate SCO and also respect the intellectual property rights of the Linux kernel developers. If there's to be a Sun Linux, then it will carry the same phantom taint as Red Hat Linux or SuSE Linux or SCO's own UnitedLinux offering.<<,3959,1209873,00.asp

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