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From  Tue Jun 17 03:41:06 2003
From: (Evan McNabb)
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 20:41:06 -0600
Subject: SCO Protest
Message-ID: <20030617024106.GK12655@medusa>

Linux users unite! (before we become SCO users)

Many members of the UUG are going to be picketing in front of the SCO offic=
this Friday. We have had a great response from our members and should be ha=
a big crowd there. We would love to have the members of the PLUG come and j=
us. The more of us there are, the better we will sound.

The police have been notified that there will be a formal picket (they were
actually suprised: a protest in Lindon? :-) and I'll be contacting the media
in a few minutes. Maybe a slashdot post would be nice too. :-)

Below is the announcement that was sent out to the UUG list:


[For those of you just joining us, those of us who are sick of SCO's=20
stupidity and "reckless endangerment" of the Open Source world are going=20
to picket outside their offices.]

Okay, looks like a decent response for the picket lines.  Those that
have work on the 20th will also have it on the 27th, but those BYU
students that have classes on the 27th will not have them on the 20th.
Therefore, I propose the 20th -- the sooner the better, while the issue
is still hot.  We need to be there when the traffic is the highest
(think 7-Up and "high traffic areas"), so that means starting around 3pm=20
and going until 5pm, all the employees are gone, our interest is gone,=20
or we've all been arrested :)

We're going to look really stupid picketing without any large signs.  I
personally am going to bring some posterboard and markers, but if you're
coming, do the same.  Don't count on borrowing someone else's paper or
holding their signs.  If you feel motivated to make flyers/handbills,
feel free to do so.  But *please* make your presentation professional,=20
avoid name-calling, and ensure that your information is accurate.  As=20
has been previously posted to this list, an excellent summary of the=20
case is at:

Also, keep up on the Slashdot articles (but not necessarily the=20
comments).  It would also be nice if we could get someone with a boom=20
box pumping out "the Free Software song."

It's also likely to be warm and very sunny in the afternoon, and there
isn't a tree over 8 feet tall anywhere near the SCO building.  Bring
plenty of drinking water (or liquid refreshment of choice) and sunscreen
so your monitor tan doesn't turn into a bright red.  There's also
nothing but office buildings around, so I imagine that Altiris and
Comdex will get annoyed if some picketer is running into their building
every 10 minutes to use the bathroom.

As for transportation, the facility is in Lindon.  SCO's site has a nice
little map for how to get there:

If you don't want to show up on your own, we will meet at 2:30 pm at one=20
of two locations:
- Provo High School parking lot, in front of the main entrance
- Parking lot of Home Depot in Lindon (right off the I-15 entrance).
I will be at the former location, Evan McNabb at the latter.  If you=20
live south of BYU campus in Provo and don't want to walk to Provo High,=20
I can come get you around 2:00.  Email me.

To close, let me re-iterate that this needs to stay legal:

1) Go onto their property
2) Talk to ANY customers entering and leaving the premesis
3) Disturb normal business activities
4) Block traffic or people on the sidewalk

It also needs to stay separate from the official UUG domain.  There
will likely be press coverage, so remember that the BYU UUG is not
sponsoring, coordinating, organizing, or officially endorsing this
event.  Otherwise, it could be our last.

Okay, now that my paranoid side has had its say, let's do this!  At the
very least, this is gonna be a lot of fun.  Maybe we'll get into
Revolution OS II: The Penguin's Revenge.  At the very least, we'll be=20
representing thousands -- nay, millions -- of geeks world-wide who are=20
even more upset than we are.

Soren Harward

BYU Unix Users Group=20
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From  Thu Jun 19 17:58:29 2003
From: (Jayce^)
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:58:29 -0600
Subject: Press Release : SCO Protest
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I'm passing this on to the list to see our official release as sent to vari=
media groups about tomorrow's protest.

=46or anybody interested, please attent, tomorrow (friday) between 3-5 to h=
show your support for linux and (open|free) source.


Provo, Utah (June 18, 2003) -- In response to the recent lawsuit by SCO
against IBM, members of various Linux user groups across Utah
will meet to demonstrate this Friday in front of SCO's Lindon office.

SCO has claimed that IBM has copied parts of SCO's proprietary
operating system and inserted them into Linux, an open source operating
system. SCO is now asking for more than three billion dollars in damages
and has warned 1500 companies that they could be at fault for using
computers that run Linux.

Much of the computer industry has responded disfavorably to the lawsuit,
asking for proof of wrong-doing on IBM's part. They feel that SCO has
exagerated claims and has been attempting to scare people from Linux.

Many Linux users around the world have spoken out against SCO's actions,
including Linux users in Utah. This demonstration will show their
concern about the lawsuit and the claims SCO has made against Linux.
Representatives of these user groups will be available to answer questions
at the event.

The demonstration will be Friday, June 20th from 3 to 5 pm in Lindon,
Utah (in front of SCO's office). For more information e-mail Jason Hall,
president of the Provo Linux Users Group (PLUG), at

=2D- Jayce^

From  Thu Jun 19 18:41:59 2003
From: (Jayce^)
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:41:59 -0600
Subject: updated press release
Message-ID: <>

To whom it may concern:


Jason Hall
3793 Butterfield Rd
Eagle Mountain, UT  84043
(801) 789-4956


Provo, Utah (June 19, 2003) -- To voice their opposition to SCO's
lawsuit against IBM and their malignment of the Linux programmers
community, members of the Provo Linux Users Group (PLUG) and other
Utah-based Linux Users Groups will protest in front of SCO's Lindon,
UT office on Friday, June 20, 2003 from 3 to 5 pm.

SCO's lawsuit claims that IBM copied parts of SCO's UNIX computer
operating system into Linux, a freely-distributed operating system
written by an international community of computer programmers.
They have therefore revoked IBM's license to distribute AIX (IBM's
version of UNIX) and are seeking $3 billion in damages for theft of
intellectual property.  Furthermore, they have sent letters to 1500
corporations warning them that Linux contains computer code belonging to
SCO and continued use of Linux may result in SCO taking legal action
against them.

With this suit, SCO has raised the ire of computing professionals
worldwide by overstating its contributions to UNIX operating systems
(which include Linux and AIX), claiming ownership of Linux and denying
past involvement in its development, and making inaccurate and derisive
comments about the Linux development community.  Under the auspices of
the Provo Linux Users Group, Linux users and programmers from northern
Utah will meet on Friday in front of SCO's headquarters in Lindon, UT
to demonstrate the opposition to SCO's actions and to show their support
of IBM, the Linux development community, and any other companies against
which SCO takes legal action.

About the Provo Linux Users Group:
The Provo Linux Users Group (PLUG) is a non-profit, volunteer-run
organization dedicated to helping members to learn the Linux operating
system, offering volunteer technical support, and encouraging the use of
Open Source software.  Membership is free, meetings are held
monthly, and the group mantains an active email list.  For more
information about PLUG, go to

About other Utah-based Linux users groups:
PLUG is only one of a half-dozen Linux users groups in Utah, and one of
thousands of such groups worldwide.  More information about Utah-based
Linux users groups can be found at

=2D- Jayce^

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