The SCO-IBM Lawsuit: Remember, OJ Won

By Bill Claybrook

June 23, 2003

Some day soon, let us hope the SCO-IBM lawsuit will end. The terror tactics of SCO will be over, and Linux and Microsoft Windows can fight it out in the marketplace. While there are many possible endings, don't be surprised if the unexpected happens. Remember OJ won his case. For that reason, we have to be prepared for anything.

SCO could win the part of the lawsuit involving their alleged copying of Unix System V code into Linux. The code that they showed me, is just that, some code on paper, and I cannot make any intelligent guesses as to where either piece of code originated. However, it is hard to believe that SCO is making this fuss without something to show in court, and David Boies certainly does not want to embarrass himself with a case with no real evidence. The real question is the derivation of the allegedly copied code.

Alternatively, if SCO does not win, then Microsoft has a fight on its hands with Linux. It seems to me that if SCO wins big in this lawsuit, then Microsoft is a big winner, and the Linux-Windows competition in the marketplace might be put on hold for awhile.

For a further look at other possible outcomes of this case, please look for my forthcoming Hot Topic: The SCO-IBM Lawsuit: Remember, OJ Won.

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