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Subject: comptia naming conventions.
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This is an open letter to comptia. If you agree with my point of veiw
here, please send your letter to comptia. The contact information is
at the bottom of this message.

Please, PLEASE, for the sake of those seeking certification, and for
the sake of employers seeking certified candidates; please change your
naming conventions.

1) A few letters designated after one's name looks professional, a
"whatever+" designation looks silly. Consider: "Jane Smith, MD" or
"John Jones, CPA" those look professional, as does: "Jane Smith, PMP"
or "John Jones, CNE." But "Jane Smith, A+ Certified" doesn't look
professional, it looks tacky.

2) "A+" is not descriptive of anything. How about "Certified Computer
Technician" or something?

3) The "+" is a symbol, not a letter, it does not work well with
computers, and especially does not work well with internet searches.
Depending on the operating system and application that you are using,
a "+" can be a symbol with some special meaning, it is generally not
considered to be part of a word. You can not call a news group "A+" is
has to be called "a-plus." You never know what somebody will call the
designation: "A+", "a-plus", "A Plus" etc. This makes searching for
books, searching for jobs, searching for forums, etc. much more
difficult than it needs to be. When I put "security+" in the search engine, sees it as just "security".

I think CompTIA does a good job with it's certifications. But, please
change the names.

Thank you,


Please send your own letter to: