Message ID: 25743
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-08-09 18:01:00
Subject: SCOX are Freedom's thieves

No one deserves more to be jailed, sent to prison for their efforts to steal everyone else's work. The truth is that they are a sham of a farce trying to be a desparate plot to fool an ever easily fooled populace.

You don't really believe they are 'freedom fighters" do you?

If they wanted freedom to exist - they could have done this all above board. Instead they are underhanded and avoided any slivers of reality getting in the way of their stock scams.

Message ID: 34122
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-08-27 17:10:00
Subject: SCO doc calls linux kernel "GPL"

Yet another slip-up. I have a text document from their website that describes the linux-kernel as licensed under the GPL!

I am giving this information the right people. It is on their website, under their own admission. Damn, I love Custom Google Search forms!


Anyone wanting the cdocument will be able to have it, as soon as I get it to the right people. I am keeping a copy for myself. I will never pay them a dime.

I highly recommend the book "Google Hacks". Even an amatier slueth can find whatever they need from the web. They cleaned up some holes, but they forget the experienced seeker shall find.

No, I don't know the authors and I don't work for O'Reilly. I am just tired of the lies and watching people getting taken. I am just an average guy who has had enough.

You can't cliam the kernel is GPOL on your site and then say it isn't - that is just more bogus scamming.

Message ID: 36149
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-01 23:37:00
Subject: Time to realize ther are no little guys

Okay folks,

there are no little guys investors in this stock. The only people who are buying this up are those that are footing the campaign against GNU/Linux. That is the message we need to get out to the community.

We need to make everyone aware of who the people are who have bought into this scam. We need to make people aware of their relationships and how this web ties together. We need to build the concrete examples of this that we have found into a positive case that can be shown publicly and remove the cover of the investment shadows to expose the light of day on their activities.

Let the public then decide if they trust these people to be honest and above board. Let the IBM lawyers have a field day in discovery. If I were an IBM lawyer, I would go after every one of the institutional investors for their emails and correspondence as they are obviously heavily involved here.

Can you say discovery? Certainly there is a copy of all correspondence between the parties hereto with the SCO Group and the Canopy Group. The Institutional investors probably talked directly to the Canopy Group to try to distance their immediate funding from the SCO Group's records. Their backers talke to their investment shells to distance themselves from the Canopy Group but they had to talk to somebody to start this ball rolling, and they are continuing to converse as is evident by their buying patterns.

This may be the next big business scandal, simply because of everywhere it does reach. Too bad the 60 Minutes boys are too aging - in the day they had balls. Now they are too old to follow a story with the same zeal and their corporate masters would probably kill the story anyway.

Message ID: 37967
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-05 10:55:00
Subject: First coat on now

The paint is starting. Guess Tom Sawyer is out working the fence scam again.

Message ID: 38542
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-07 16:36:00
Subject: Back, ready to rumble

For those who believe the strong sell position has anything to do with a position in this stock (or any other): GET REAL.

I hate the attempted theft being perpetrated by the SCO Group. They have made a lifelong enemy. I will assist anyone who wishes to fight them in any way possible and legal. SGI has 545 patents and Caldera/SCO have what: copyrights? Ex post facto copyrights to boot.

It won't hold water in a Court of law. SGI also performed a full review of XFS before releasing it under the GNU GPL. SCO/Caldera accepted the GPL and used it to their own benefit. They have acquiesced to its terms by their very usage. Ignorance of the law is NO excuse. That is what they are claiming - they were ignorant of the terms under which they distributed software. Sorry, f*ck off, you are a bunch of dimwits - that is true - but too bad, so sad, you chose to do what you chose to do.

If contracts are a weapon that you use against people, then that is the wepon of choice against SCO/Caldera. They have accepted the terms of the contract, now they must abide by it.

Selective interpretation of the law as the Canopy Group/SCO Group are attempting is just hogwash. They own nothiing more than their logo and some copyrights. You cannot copyright ideas - sorry bozos. You may fool some of the people, but you don't fool all of the people, all of the time.

The SCO Group are consistently mistaken in every tact they take, and I would never buy from, deal with, or allow their presence in my business or my community. I would call the garbagemen to take out the trash were I to see them.

Theirs is a failure to understand that you do not threaten your customers or competitors with bullshit for evidence. They are hiding under the Canopy to try to keep the truth from being disclosed. They will be found out, and they will be brought to justice. I can only hope that IBM and Red Hat both tear them a new one in Court.

If they do sue SGI, they would be committing yet another grave error in judgment. History is full of the rotting corpses of people who started multi-front wars (which explains the SCO Group's contradictory statements in Australia. They hope to delay action from occuring there lest they get caught in too many lawsuits they aren't prepared to defend at once).

I will assist any company in any and every legal manner wishing to fight these things called the Canopy Group and the SCO Group. They are not a company of honorable men. They are a compnay of carpetbaggers, scoundrels and charlatans. Of course they sucked up to the RIAA, MPAA, because they want the public to believe it is okay to sue customers. It isn't okay. It isn't right, and we should continue our efforts to boycott the crap out of them for their unjust and extra-legal lawsuits.

If they send out invoices, I intend to send copies to every State Attorney General, the US Postmaster General, The FBI's White-Collar Crimes division, the SEC, the FTC, the BBB, the DOJ, the Texas Rangers, The Treasury Department (they are in essence, kiting stock) and any other organization I can think of. The SCO Group is NOT above the law. It is a fairly incestuous bunch that must be reined-in at all costs - short of rewarding them in any way.

Buy if you value only money and have no morals. Otherwise, if you have a conscience - don't put your money into this company, as it has no morals and is engaged in activities too heinous for decent, upstanding citizens to be involved in.

Message ID: 38607
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-07 23:20:00
Subject: The Cavalry has arrived

Didn't LinuxGram originally have a curmudgeon editor prior to Maureen? I keep forgetting who that was...

Anyway, the simple fact that CS&M added "unclean hands" and "not entitled to the requested relief" are significant.

I suppose the little pumpers will now try to find a way to say that IBM is scared in the face of this evidence to the contrary.

All I can say is that this has entered the realm of reality at last. DAY-UM.

My prediction for tomorrow:

1) The ledite pumper army will be in full swing tomorrow by the AM starting arguments to try to keep the facts off the front page of this board (they always do).

2) My recommendation is that no matter how tempting their morsels of insane stupidity become - IGNORE THEM.

3) We should post relevant facts warning away unknowing investors who might otherwise be taken in by this scam.

4) Please do not respond to the trolls - they are here only to pump and push message off the front page of this board - that is all.

Peace and good night all. I think I will get a good night's sleep knowing the 7th Cavalry have arrived. ;)

Message ID: 38779
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-08 11:23:00
Subject: Dive! Dive! Dive!

Unterseebooten SCO Schiff - Somewhere in the Great Salt Lake area. Darl realizes at last the lake isn't the greatest place to try to run a submarine scam. We come in on the scene now:

Von McBride: Dammit Chris, I thought I told you to get some new PR out there!

Leutnant Sontag: But sir! The PR crew were jettisoned last week. They couldn't think of anything new! Besides, we can now run the same story over and over again. We don't have to do anything.

Von McBride: Well, as long as we tell them we won't refund their money, they can't sue us for that if they pay.

Herr Heise: That's right. It doesn't matter if you don't give them the option of an escrow account. You can keep running this story as long as you can get someone stupid enough to pay. Heck, anyone who does pay I wouldn't respect, but it furthers our cause.

Von McBride: Leutanant Sontag! Run that story again!

Leutnant Sontag: Jawohl, mein Herr!

Von McBride: Mach Schnell!

The above scene was relayed via our super secret snorkel listening device somewhere below the Great Salt Lake.

(As if of course, you cannot recognize good satire when you see it).

Funny how this story is the only one they are floating these days. Kind of deceptive trade practices at best, threatening mail fraud to generate interest. What lusers.

Message ID: 41238
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-12 15:49:00
Subject: Compatability


I went source browsing today. I didn't find anything with SCO fingerprints on it in 2.4.20.

Greg Page of Caldera has a lot of fingerprints in there (without warranty), but who knows just how long that has been in there (i.e. - prior to 2.4).

The 2.4 SMP document thanks Caldera for their contribution:

"The author wishes to thank Caldera Inc. ( )whose donation of an ASUS dual Pentium board made this project possible, and Thomas Radke, whose initial work on multiprocessor Linux formed the backbone of this project.

So that is the clue where SMP came from - and it wasn't Caldera.

"Much of the core SMP work is based on previous work by Thomas Radke, to whom a great many thanks are extended. Thanks to Intel for making available several different Pentium, Pentium Pro and Pentium-II/Xeon MP machines. Original development of Linux SMP code supported by Caldera. This code is released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later."

So, Caldera supported this work, and yet it was "stolen" from them. This is a scammer's delight I suppose. A Story Stock indeed.

Wonder how long they can keep their stories straight? Especially in front of CS&M and a Judge and Jury? How will they be able to go into depositions or testimony and try to FUD their contradictory statements?

ANSWER: They can't.


Message ID: 41451
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-13 16:44:00
Subject: Da Press liability

The press sold out for drinks and parties a long time ago. It is sad. Truly sad. It is a word called LAZY. It requires work to do thre job right. A lot of them are unwilling to do that.

The analysts though, they have their hands in the jar up to their shoulders, and will probably suffer from this as well. That will percolate up to ALL boardroom levels when their communications are uncovered as being a part of this scam. They will end up doing more harm to their firms than if they had just let this company play its little game. I hope that CS & M subpoenas a few of them as well. ;)

Message ID: 43124
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-17 14:52:00
Subject: The Trolls March On

Funny how the trolls change their IDs to try to keep up. They have so little value in their brains that one wonders why they bother.

Summing up the Pro-SCO side so far:

"Duh... I am making money bfrom a fraudulent IP claim, so I must be cool, huh?"


"You guys should all shut up so I can keep crowing my inane banter and sucker some more people into buying this scam."

Not one person on the Pro-SCO side can name even ONE piece of infringing code. Every time they try to claim one, it blows up in their face as the code is traced and found quickly.

This destroys their pet theories, so you end up back with the above arguments lacking any intellect. It's a fool's game, and they want you to be the fool. Don't fall for it, have some core morals and do not buy or hold this stock.

Would you crow over selling drugs? Would you crow over looting a bank? Would you crow over stealing money from a person who was completely innocent?

You ARE doing that if you are here to pump this stock. The management of this company are ruining the value of this company for the innocent 35% or so of the non-insider shareholders who do hold this stock. They should get the heck out of this stock while the pumpers are doing the worst to the greater fools who are buying.

The innocent stockholders should get the heck out. We don't want to see them get hurt, we do want this company in its current guise and its parent company the Canopy Group - gone. They are totally without care for their own shareholders. They are totally without care for their channel. They are totally without care for their customers.

The claims they have made are simply not so. There is no infringing code - they know it. Don't get caught holding onto this. It isn't worth it. We do care for you, but we have no respect for those that are destroying the spirit of what "could have been."

They made the choice. They pulled the pin on this hand grenade, and no one else will jump on it for them.

Message ID: 43423
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-18 10:57:00
Subject: Relevant Information and Disclosure

From the SEC:

"An investment adviser has a duty to disclose to clients all material information which might incline an investment adviser consciously or unconsciously to render advice which is not disinterested. SEC v. Capital Gains Research Bureau, Inc., 375 U.S. 180, 191-92 (1963).

A fact is material if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor would consider it important. Basic, Inc. v.Levinson, 485 U.S. 224, 231-232 (1988).

Soft dollar arrangements are material because of the potential conflict of interest arising from an adviser's receipt of some benefit in exchange for directing brokerage on behalf of client accounts. See Kingsley, Jennison, McNulty & Morse, Inc., 51 S.E.C. 904, 909 (Dec. 23, 1993); Interpretive Release Concerning the Scope of Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Exchange Act Release No. 23170, 35 SEC Docket 905, 909 (Apr. 23, 1986) (hereinafter "1986 Soft Dollar Release").

Moreover, disclosure of soft dollar arrangements is specifically required by Form ADV. See S Squared Technology Corp., 62 SEC Docket 1560, 1564 (Aug. 7, 1996). Form ADV embodies mandatory disclosure requirements to ensure that material information regarding brokerage placement practices and policies is disclosed to investors. See Investment Adviser Requirements Concerning Disclosure. Recordkeeping, Applications for Registration and Annual Filings, Advisers Act Release No. 664, 16 SEC Docket 901(Jan. 30, 1979); Disclosure of Brokerage Placement Practices By Certain Regulated Investment Companies and Certain Other Issuers, Advisers Act Release No. 665, 16 SEC Docket 837 (Jan. 30, 1979)."

Information is starting to appear. The blinders will be off the horse soon enough. Do you think they will continue to run this scam?

When Cohen did not disclose his potion in the July pump, would you think he violated the above fiduciary responsibilities to his audience and investors?

Post-pump fixing of a web page does not qualify for material disclosure IMHO either.

Shutting down the MSN message boards because they contained material information that would have exposed his pump, smacks of collusion if you ask me, but then IANAL.

This thing is truly a work of the fine art of deception all right.

Message ID: 44305
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-22 01:14:00
Subject: More without disclosure

What bothers me the most about all of these links is that they are going after the Retirees funds. So to the pumpers out there that are saying there is nothing criminal in all of this - BULLSHIT.

The links are promoting SCOX on Morningstar Retirement Planner pages. Who reads that? Retirees and soon to be retirees. These people see these awesome returns and get NO FACTS whatsoever of the truth.

That bugs me, it infuriates me and it makes me demand that disclosure needs to exist and be totally enforced. To a person looking only at the way they present this information, the SCO Group looks fantastic.

In essence though, it is all window dressing and taking money away from retirees to enrich Darl, et al.

So the next person who say that this stock is a fundamentally sound buy - think about it again. They are targeting who they want to take money from. The gullible, the elderly, the retirees. Oh yes, it is such a good buy to take the money you have in your retirement account and buy this stock - NOT.

Don't wait - demand they sell this now. You aren't going to see your retirement money invested into something that is this risky are you?

Yeah, these guys are soooo above board. They are taking money and printing stock, all the while selling it themselves. There are the victims of this scam, I repeat, there are victims in this scam.

It is time that the public waa accurately protected by full disclosure. We need to know who is doing these things and who is pulling the strings here. There are innocent victims, the people who look at these pretty displays that make the SCO group look like such a buy - when it is isn't.

There is simply way too much risk for retiree funds to be invested here. Please don't buy this with your retirement money! you will be taken.

Message ID: 45231
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-24 11:16:00
Subject: Floyds Void

"As far as I know, all this stuff is perfectly legal. Either the customer uses their existing libraries to populate the /linux tree, or SCO could provide the binaries themselves, as long as they also provide the source.

Look, I want SCO to fall, and fall hard. I even work for IBM. But I don't see anything here that's a smoking gun. In fact, theoretically I could use these ideas to make s390/linux executables run on my proprietary z/os system. "

What would an IBM employee be doing posting here? No IBM employee would do that. If you are an IBM eployee, you should not be posting here, and I imagine that IBM Legal would not look too kindly on that.

I suspect though, that you aren't employed by IBM, because they typically have much better sense than to post here, especially during litigation between the two companies. They have a legal team that has no doubt advised against any employee of theirs doing such a thing, so I suspect that you may not work for IBM.

I must ask you then, are you a poser? If not, you really should not be posting here. I suspect this is yet another Darl FUD announcement in the making.

The SCO Information Minister comes out to say "See, IBM is behind it because they are posting on our stock board!" (Get your tin hats out folks).

Well, I don't work for IBM, I am a p*ssed-off GNU/Linux user who finds this BS untenable, un platable and indefensible. I am a bulldog, a gila monster, a wolverine and a piranha rolled into one. I have no love for the tactics being used by the SCO Group in their scam, nor the people who are running it. They know they are wrong and they will lose.

Watch the FUD spew now. The more desparate they become, the more FUD they spew.

Message ID: 47064
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-29 12:24:00
Subject: Market Manipulation

From NY AG's office:

"Market Manipulation

Sophisticated investors may do their own research on suitable investments, rather than rely solely on their broker or investment adviser, but no amount of research can guard against a broker's illegal market manipulation of a micro-cap stock. The price of a stock in a legitimate marketplace is determined by supply and demand, but economic theory goes out the window when market price is controlled by a small number of unethical market makers who drive up the price with hundreds of cold callers, continue to promote the stock while they short-sell it, and then stop making the cold calls necessary to maintain the price. The consequences for investors are devastating when the price falls dramatically, but the brokers won't execute sell orders or even answer phone calls."

You can expect this will happen here, and we can warn, warn, warn, but you can't make a horse drink from the fountain of reality. The Strong Sell conspiracy is their latest scam idea.

The truth is we don't hold a position in this stock at all. Freely and proudly admitted. We DESPISE the promoters of this stock, the company, its parent and the principals for false and misleading statements and allegations. That is the sole reason for the Strong Sell sentiment and it is enough of a good reason to keep posting it.

I would never allow anyone I know to buy this stock without knowing just how tainted and under manipulation this stock is - period.

The pumpers can go butt a stump.

Message ID: 56600
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-10-29 13:26:00
Subject: Hi Br3n!

I believe they can amend discovery at any time, but if they are truly asking the world to believe that they never instigated litigation against IBM, then the SEC should be pouring over their offices and every investor that has played a role in the scam.

This is another example of "Hello? Can we get a Shrink to lock these folks away please?"

If true, my argument for declarations of Non Compos Mentis would not be far off the mark. In fact, if that is true, it would be time for one giant white van to start loading up the execs and hauling them off for observations.

That is about the only place they would have to escape one massive lawsuit after another and lots of fun jail time.

I have to go check that on Groklaw. Now I am going to split my sides laughing if this is true. Then it makes all the pumpers legally liable for their statements.

Unbelieveable. Back later.

Message ID: 69536
Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-12-09 23:22:00
Subject: Alanyst - you are right

Alanyst, mea culpa to you. I keep getting the impression that the SCO Group has this little safe haven zone in Utah, and that the courts are going to give the SCO group a whitewash because they are local.

From the outside, Utah sure seems isolated from the rest of the world and nation. In fact, all of the pumpers eem bent on giving everyone the impression that all of the locals will not allow anything other than a verdict or decision in favor of the SCO Group (think about all of the pumper posts here).

The fact is, if they were here, I think there would be a very different reaction. They wouldn't be getting honored in the press, but probably reviled or at least questioned. They seem instead to be glorified in the press there.

From the outside, it looks like all of Utah is one big gambling pool and Darl is but a symptom of the disease. (not fair, but we are talking about perception - something Darl and crew are working hard in the media - though certainly not facts).

The fact that I see nothing but favorable articles in the local media from Salt Lake and Deseret News (haven't seen anyone really saying they might have a problem in the Salt Lake news) and the fact that it appears no one questions their scam (other than the LUG there) makes one wonder what the hell is going on.

I know that people have lives to lead, but I imagine people who would try such here would simply be called on their bullshit in the local media.

Canopy has way too much media access and they are painting the picture to the outside world. That may be unfair, but it is the perception they are giving everyone. People do look at this and think "Do I really want to do business with people who don't question the motives and methods of this questionable enterprise?"

All I want is for people to recognize that fact. They are harmful to everyone - not merely themselves. They also harm the perception of the State, the perception of the local media, and the perception of the people. You begin to wonder if there isn't some reality distrotion field in operation there.

At some point, someone has to realize that their actions are detrimental to all.

I apologize to the people of Utah who aren't buying into this scam. If you are, well, you are part of the problem.

The perception is what they are showing the otherwise disinterested nation. They are saying through their actions that "all of Utah is behind us in this lawsuit."

That should be considered. The perception is there, and Darl and crew are the main promoters of that idea.

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