Message ID: 35804
Posted By: b29651
Posted On: 2003-08-31 06:33:00
Subject: some just dont understand
why does it need a license just because that is what they have been used to?

Message ID: 35806
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-08-31 06:44:00
Subject: Re: some just dont understand

I thought professors at a school of such reputation as Wharton would think before they speak and be more clueful.

These guys are TRULY uninformed. The Trillian software has been moribund for years. Jabber and Jabber clients, with IRC and other features are where it's at.

Try doing a Live-CD with Windows or any other Unix. You can't. Live-CD OSes have the potential (currently some really are) to be the closest thing to a truly secure OS there is currently or that there ever was, outside of the military.

The only innovation in OSes right now, separate from hardware, is on Linux. The Unices and Windows don't even compare.

...not to mention their comments about the future fly in the face of recent trends. Obviously these guys have never priced an M$ or commercial Unix implementation and compared it to one using commodity hardwae and Linux.

Message ID: 35807
Posted By: b29651
Posted On: 2003-08-31 06:48:00
Subject: Re: some just dont understand

i wrote a nice email to remind them that Linux is controlled and does have a license
i just know they gotta love it

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