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Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2003-09-02 18:42:00
Subject: What SCOX is up to...

You know, Darl and Co are probably not idiots, probably not insane, and therefore have a game plan.

If their action’s seem insane, or just do not make sense, we must not have the game plan right.

So let’s break this down logically:

Plan #1
SCOX is planning to increase UNIX sales, and increase it’s customer base.

SCOX fired all its developers, and its CTO left, and was never replaced.

That ain’t the plan.

Plan #2
SCOX is planning on winning its case with IBM

SCOX PR is hurting its case with IBM
SCOX has not even tried to show offending IBM code.
SCOX is now saying code made it into LINUX that IBM did not put there.
SCOX, while needing the IBM case postponed to stay alive, has effectively abandoned it.

While it is still remotely possible a settlement or win over IBM is part of the plan, that is growing increasingly remote.

Plan #3
SCOX is planning on a revenue stream from selling LINUX licenses

SCOX is claiming millions of lines of offending code, but cannot publicly show even 80 of them. Hmm... think if you had millions of lines, there would be a reason you couldn’t show say 10,000 of them without hurting your case?
SCOX is threatening to send out invoices. That is illegal whether there is offending code, and even if it is proven in court. This is a legal no-brainer, and even junior partner lawyer would tell them so.
SCOX ran away from the LinuxTag suit in Germany.
SCOX, at this late date, has not supplied a way to purchase one of its LINUX licenses.

This ain’t the plan

Plan #4
Classic Pump-and Dump. Use the lawsuit with IBM, and threats to LINUX users to pump the stock, selling on the highs.

This stock is NOT behaving like a pump-and-dump stock. Bad news does not trigger any kind of sell off. Dilution of shares does not trigger a sell of. Darl dropping his pants and mooning the audience does not trigger a sell of (OK, so I got carried away with the last one).

OK, so the insiders are selling like crazy, but the stock is behaving insanely. I call this plan “ery unlikely”

Plan #5
Revenue stream consists of FUD to scare commercial enterprises from converting to LINUX

Darl and Co would not do this for free.

A very large portion of this stock is owned by SCOX, Canopy, and Canopy related companies. Another large portion is owned by an investment company with ties to Microsoft principals. The remainder of the shares, in the open market, probably amount to less than 20% of outstanding shares (someone check my math on this please).

In addition this is a small cap stock. Total value today was around $192 million. Keeping it at a desired share price, on the part of the principal holders, would cost, at most, $20 million, since that is the amount that is volatile.

In addition, since SCOX has what, $10 million or so a quarter in revenue, giving all the top officers $1,000,000 salaries is not possible. But at even a $10 per share price tag, you can do it in options, easy.

Which would explain why the stock price is relatively stable...

I think you can guess what mine is.

Plan #6
I can’t think of any more.

Feel free to pick this apart folks, it was not satire.

And I am not wearing my tin hat...


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Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2003-09-04 18:50:00
Subject: SCOX terms explained

In the interests of an informed board readership, I will attempt to explain the meaning SCOX gives to some terms that are different from generally accepted usage:

(“Oh geez, what is he up to now?”, they all think.)

Derivative works Any portion of any operating system that is written using the programming language “C”

Business Fundamentals: You cannot spell “FUnDamentals” without using “FUD”.

Contract: A legal document you use to sue other people.

IP: Your base is ours.

MIT Rocket Scientist: A person who, though he really is not a graduate, or connected to MIT, and while trained as an Aerospace Engineer, is clearly an expert at knowing illegally copied code when he thinks he sees it. After all, i++ is a registered trademark of SCOX

Invoice: A piece of paper that will never be mailed detailing an amount you do not owe SCOX.

License: This is an interesting one. SCOX of course cannot “License” you to use Linux, they did not write it, and do not own it. What “License” really means is that SCOX will not sue you if you pay them all the money they say you should. What they are “Licensing” you to use is their “IP”, whatever the hell that is, that may or may not exist in Linux. Millions of lines of it! Just think! What a bargain. (See Extortion)

Extortion: See License

Recursion : See Recursion (ok, so they use the usual meaning for that one)

Profits: (see imaginary)

10-Q “No, no, I refuse to sign it!” “Have another shot boss” “I do not drink” “No, I meant sign it, or I will shoot at you again” (scribble, scribble)

Business Ethics (see Oxymoron)


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