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Posted By: boyle_m_owl
Posted On: 2003-09-04 19:17:00
Subject: Wonders...

As a long time user of Linux (since 1998...earlier if you count my first dabble with it in 1995) I've been a fan of this OS.
(Previous OS history on my home machine: Dos/Win 3.1, OS/2 2.1 and Warp, Slackware Linux, DesqView X, Win95, Linux (Caldera 1.2, SuSE, Mandrake (for about a day, ugh) Suse 7.2)

I'm waiting, hoping, praying, and I will hop and laugh with glee *when* this stock tanks and Darl & Co are arrested and jailed for fraud.

SCO's lawsuit against IBM is without merit, else they could have had a restraining order against IBM distributing AIX by now. Where is it?

It's nowhere. Where are the extortion ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H invoice letters? Nowhere.

Where is SCO's proof? Nowhere.

SCO was supposed to offer code examples LAST JUNE. It's now SEPTEMBER. Yo! Darl! Where's the friggin' code?!

At this point, the only value of this company is in the installed base of SCO Unix licenses. The goodwill is gone. It's toast. Future contracts are toast (what, what's that mystery second linux licensee, out of how many installed machines?). Darl views contracts as a weapon to beat customers senseless. Just *who* is going to be their customer in the future? They haven't been engineering any new software since the takeover. There just isn't any *there* there.

If I were a SCO VAR, I'd tell Darl to stuff it if I hadn't already been brainwashed in Vegas.

Reading this board has been entertaining, horrifying, and dumbfounding at the logic of some people. When this is all over, someone's going to jail. Unfortunately, the SEC will only go after these losers when the shit has hit the fan.

I do not hold any of this stock, and I would be crazy if I did. I am a "Strong Sell" on this to say that if anyone thinks that this is going to go much higher in the next month, they're on crack. If you've gone long since March, take your money and run and don't look back.

Dan - waiting for the 10Q, Redhat and The Judge.

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