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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-05 16:03:00
Subject: SCO's road to damnation

Wow, talk about your clueless people. Seems they hired James Maguire to write an article saying more BS. What a maroon!

It looks like they want to find a way out of their mess. They are now saying they will "sell-off" the "licensing business" to IBM.


Sorry, the dogs have been let loose now. It simply isn't going to happen. They still don't get the whole Free and Open source thing do they? Dumbasses.

They must be feeling the heat and trying to put their finger in the dike. Too bad it springs a new leak every few seconds and they are running out of appendages to stop the flow.

It isn't ever going to go away - until they are no longer a viable company. That is the answer. Only that will suffice. You can't let them come back for a round two, they can't be allowed to run this scam again.

My favorite quote from that piece of tripe:

"Yet Schadler thinks SCO could find solutions for its public-relations imbroglio.

"They could make that problem go away by spinning out the licensing business." he said. "They could sell the licensing business to IBM, for example, and keep the software business."

"There are a number of outcomes that are positive," he said. "

Yep, and that is not one of them. The most positive outcome would be the elimination of the Canopy Group altogether. That is a positive outcome (as Richard Pryor would say) fo yo ass, ain't it?

I guess the truth is starting to make them sweat. Why else do you come up with such tripe?

I will have my faith in justice restored when this company and all of the co-conspirators are named, found and punished. That is the only acceptable outcome. Nothing less.

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