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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-07 16:36:00
Subject: Back, ready to rumble

For those who believe the strong sell position has anything to do with a position in this stock (or any other): GET REAL.

I hate the attempted theft being perpetrated by the SCO Group. They have made a lifelong enemy. I will assist anyone who wishes to fight them in any way possible and legal. SGI has 545 patents and Caldera/SCO have what: copyrights? Ex post facto copyrights to boot.

It won't hold water in a Court of law. SGI also performed a full review of XFS before releasing it under the GNU GPL. SCO/Caldera accepted the GPL and used it to their own benefit. They have acquiesced to its terms by their very usage. Ignorance of the law is NO excuse. That is what they are claiming - they were ignorant of the terms under which they distributed software. Sorry, f*ck off, you are a bunch of dimwits - that is true - but too bad, so sad, you chose to do what you chose to do.

If contracts are a weapon that you use against people, then that is the wepon of choice against SCO/Caldera. They have accepted the terms of the contract, now they must abide by it.

Selective interpretation of the law as the Canopy Group/SCO Group are attempting is just hogwash. They own nothiing more than their logo and some copyrights. You cannot copyright ideas - sorry bozos. You may fool some of the people, but you don't fool all of the people, all of the time.

The SCO Group are consistently mistaken in every tact they take, and I would never buy from, deal with, or allow their presence in my business or my community. I would call the garbagemen to take out the trash were I to see them.

Theirs is a failure to understand that you do not threaten your customers or competitors with bullshit for evidence. They are hiding under the Canopy to try to keep the truth from being disclosed. They will be found out, and they will be brought to justice. I can only hope that IBM and Red Hat both tear them a new one in Court.

If they do sue SGI, they would be committing yet another grave error in judgment. History is full of the rotting corpses of people who started multi-front wars (which explains the SCO Group's contradictory statements in Australia. They hope to delay action from occuring there lest they get caught in too many lawsuits they aren't prepared to defend at once).

I will assist any company in any and every legal manner wishing to fight these things called the Canopy Group and the SCO Group. They are not a company of honorable men. They are a compnay of carpetbaggers, scoundrels and charlatans. Of course they sucked up to the RIAA, MPAA, because they want the public to believe it is okay to sue customers. It isn't okay. It isn't right, and we should continue our efforts to boycott the crap out of them for their unjust and extra-legal lawsuits.

If they send out invoices, I intend to send copies to every State Attorney General, the US Postmaster General, The FBI's White-Collar Crimes division, the SEC, the FTC, the BBB, the DOJ, the Texas Rangers, The Treasury Department (they are in essence, kiting stock) and any other organization I can think of. The SCO Group is NOT above the law. It is a fairly incestuous bunch that must be reined-in at all costs - short of rewarding them in any way.

Buy if you value only money and have no morals. Otherwise, if you have a conscience - don't put your money into this company, as it has no morals and is engaged in activities too heinous for decent, upstanding citizens to be involved in.

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