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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-09-12 17:20:00
Subject: I hear the dath rattle

...of the company formerly known as Caldera, now known universally as SCUMX or SCAMX.

It might not BE 15 years, Darl.

It might not be 15 DAYS.



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Posted On: 2003-10-26 23:16:00
Subject: Lies, Damn Lies and Partisan Testimony

PJ notes an interesting quote from a late-August magazine article, coincident with SCUMXForum 2003:

"After viewing the code, Don Price, the general manager of Price Data Systems, said he was surprised at the volume that was allegedly copied. 'It's compelling,' he said. 'Some people were either extremely sloppy, or copied and thought no one would go after them.'"

"Neil Abraham, with SCO reseller Kerridge Computer, said SCO made the right decision to pursue IBM. 'I think they've got a very firm case,' he said, after looking at the code. 'It's not just one line. It's huge chunks.'"

Now, two SCUMX VARS who have gone to great expense to be at SCO's freak show in Vegas, and just seen Darl-ing Darl's presentation...a presentation putting them on notice that their future business is completely dependent on software that is under a license that their UberFuhrer Darl-ing Darl has told them he will "crush" and invalidate...these two then go and sign an NDA that even SCO partisans say would make it impossible to do any jobs in software other than for SCUMX...these two are quoted as above, and expect us to believe them.

Since then, more info has come out and we can call Messers. Abraham and Price what they really are, what I called all of the attendees at the SCUMForum 2003 who were there as VARs, Partners, or ISVs:

They are liars...evil, stinking liars. They lie, because we now know the code doesn't exist. If the code existed, any moral, normal company would have produced the code and begun the process of settlement with our community...but because SCUMX and its backers want to kill the GPL, they continue the case with no evidence and no case...

...and convince their VARs and others to lie for them, about things that are easily disproven...less than two months later, we HAVE disproven them...go read Groklaw or the past threads here for that disproof.

...and this SCOX lawsuit against IBM is a stock scam.


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Posted On: 2003-10-27 15:05:00
Subject: $.01 Down again today?

Where will it end, today?

This is a stock scam.


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Posted On: 2003-10-30 22:59:00
Subject: Interesting: On CNBC Today

...was Roger McNamee of Integrated Capital Partners and Silver Lake fame, speaking of the good news in the tech markets today and the opportunities in Web Services and "niche players."

Given this:

(citation at the bottom, titled: "A Gartner Connection" begins the interesting part on Mr. McNamee)

and this: (PJ has LOTS to say about Mr. McNamee)

...the interesting thing was that Mr McNamee, today, despite SCUMX's SCOx efforts and the Vultus 'acquisition' (read: 'stock-scam-within-a-stock-scam'), did not once say SCOX, SCO or the SCO Group...


Even Mr. McNamee, despite his knowledge of this stock scam, knows better than to promote it on CNBC or in public. I wish he would inform his partner, Mr. Cohen, of the dangers of such pumping of stock scams such as this.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-03 21:35:00
Subject: Why SCOX will lose

Because AT&T did.

History repeats itself, as this gentleman proves, with some rather interesting links to UNIX history and some REAL background that many of you haven't seen before.

Here's the link:

Follow and download the links for futher enlightenment, longs and shills and voodoo boys and will put a crimp in your joy, dudes and dudettes...

...of course, for all of the Crunchie Army of SCUMX Haters (and voodoo boys, we ARE an ARMY, large and ANGRY!!!!) consider this, from the Crate:

What we are faced with today is the SCO Group’s attempt to revisit the entire (ed. USL vs. BSDi) lawsuit again, and it seems to be based on faulty evidence (although they have yet to claim any specific evidence at all), poor due diligence and hoping that the memory of people involved in the long heritage of UNIX would be faulty or that those involved would simply not care.

...and, as all of us can attest, THOSE HOPES ARE FALSE!!!!

SCUMX will lose because history ALWAYS repeats itself...and because this is just a stock scam.


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Posted On: 2003-11-03 23:12:00

Richard Siebt, CEO of the privately-held SuSE Linux, AG responds to the FUD of SCUMX, in a letter to the Mystery Man here:

SuSE, by the way, for the longs and shills and voodoo kids here, is SCOX's primary partner in United Linux and a supporting plaintiff in SCOX's famous LinuxTAG loss in Germany.

SuSE is
Since being established by university students in 1992 in Germany, SUSE LINUX has made a genuine quantum leap. Called the "Gesellschaft für Software- und Systementwicklung mbH", SUSE has grown to become one of the world's leading providers of the Open Source operating system, Linux.

More on SuSE:
For instance, IBM Global Services and SUSE cooperate in offering worldwide support and maintenance services. Furthermore, SUSE has entered a global technology partnership with SAP, in which both companies tune their products, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server and, to match seamlessly. The range of partners includes experienced IT service providers with a high level of solution competence, such as HP Services and Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

Now, SuSE is all of United Linux, now that SCUMX has stopped selling (but not distributing) Linux and Free fact, SuSE is and always has been the REAL power behind United Linux. When you buy United Linux, except for the logos and names on the box, it is completely indistinguishable from SuSE Enterprise Linux (BTW, ANOTHER lie SCUMX tells -- that they have any work in United Linux -- they were a leech in the 'partnership,' unlike the other, true partners). SuSE Linux was the company that stepped up to the plate and hired the remainder of the engineers that Caldera was paying when their paychecks began to bounce in Germany earlier this year.

Now SCUMX's 'partner' in United Linux finally weighs in, officially, on the FUD from Lindon and Redmond.

This is a stock scam, this SCUMX court even their former partners are taking them to task for their lies and FUD.

A stock scam, nothing more.


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Posted On: 2003-11-04 23:46:00
Subject: More observations on today's news:

First of all, from Groklaw, an especially cogent sub-discussion about the nature of War, Spitting in the Wind and Tugging on Superman's Cape:

Especially this observation:

Novell also knows something that SCO cannot know. Novell knows what is in the sealed settlement between it, USL, and the Regents of the University of California. There has been a lot of speculation about what is in that document, and none of it is assumed to be good for SCO. It may well contain listings of code that appears in AT&T System V which AT&T stipulated to having been lifted from BSD without attribution. SCO could well believe that it has a registered copyright on code which also appears in that settlement as ©1980-something The Regents of the University of California.

and then THESE analyses from some of the Heavies in the Crunchie Universe:

The SCO bugbear was raised -- and dismissed out of hand. Seibt said, "Our customers are still demanding our products," despite SCO's attempts to douse the Linux/GPL flames, and said he expects "even higher demand in the future." Messman and Stone agreed. They said, "Novell continues to call upon SCO to substantiate its claims." Good relations with the other two United Linux partners -- Conectiva and TurboLinux -- were mentioned. And that was SCO's 15 seconds of fame during this event; it wasn't uttered again.

With this little sub-sub-discussion noted for a REAL reason behind this news, besides IBM and Novell's desire to absolutely CRUSH SCUMX:

More interesting is the thread of news releases on SuSE's site. One week ago, SuSE announced that they're joining the ObjectWeb consortium, who's behind J2EE JOnAS and other open-source middleware components. Ximian is also driving the Mono project, so now Novell will have one finger in each pie: .NET and J2EE!

The above is ESPECIALLY interesting, in a VERY tasty way, now that Microsoft has abandoned plans for boot-compatibility with UNIX/Linux and SCUMX has abandoned their highly publicized Volution and Center7 strategies and instead spun them out as separate companies, still drinking the Canopy KooAid.

But, then of course, this SCUMX case is nothing and has never been anything, at its heart, other than a stock scam, since the crooks in Lindon and Redmond hatched this criminal stock-manipulation scheme in mid-2002.

...SCUMX is and never has been anything but a stock scam, boys and girls.


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Posted On: 2003-11-05 14:41:00
Subject: Flushing SCOX

...down and down it goes...

...round and round it goes...

...and Darl wants to flush it AGAIN!!!!


This is nothing but a stock scam, boys and girls. SCOX, Canopy and their backers are being currently pursued by the Attorney General of the State of New York...DB will go down first, followed by Royce and his backers and then right to SCOX and Canopy, folowed by MSFT, SUNW, HPQ and all their other backers - the secret ones, too.

...a stock scam, pure and simple, and the scammers are about to get caught.

Keep talking, Darl!!!


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Posted On: 2003-11-07 04:11:00
Subject: Gee, Am I a Lawyer, now, too?

A quick link to a page that takes about 35 seconds to load from nntp over a 14.4K connection and answers ALL of SCOX's questions and, effectively PROVES their lies are just that: LIES...SCUMX LIES...and David Boies, as an officer of the Court and his entire firm should be DISBARRED for incompetence and perjury!!!

Go to: comp.unix.questions and look for the UNIX FAQ.

Here is a link that has been being posted since the birth of the Internet, and FAR longer than there has been a single commercial Linux distro:

It is updated on regular intervals. There are 8 parts.

The SCOX company has been a stock scam since the Caldera has just become more of a stock scam, making thte same people money. Investors will ALWAYS lose with this stock. The original investors got so mad they sued...that lawsuit is still playing out and may yet determine the final winner of this and ANY court case in the is why no one will buy this dog, since they may not own anything in the future.

A stock scam, pure and simple.


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Posted On: 2003-11-10 00:10:00
Subject: More Numbers and Purty Pitchers!!!!

Too BAD, Longs!!!!

Stock Scam!!! SCOX is a stock scam that supports Jihadist terrorists, like al-Qu'aeda.,p12,v,vm&c=

Stupid, stupid longs...hear the feet of Cravath, the slither of Boies and Heise and the STOMP!!! of the marshalls as they kick in your door, sending you to Gitmo, next door to Ali...


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-10 03:38:00
Subject: "Our complaint will now move... the discovery phase."

Prophetic words from Red Hat CEO, Matthew Szulik, this past August. After what has gone down since, I thought it telling to revisit recent history.

Consider the following:

-Red Hat has moved forward in its aims to stop SCUMX from slandering and libelling the entirety of the FLOSS community - especially the GNU/GPL sub-community - and their corporate partners and allies.
-HPQ and SUNW have shown their duplicitous hands, along with ORCL and CA and reaped the whirlwind because of it.
-IBM is following the money and attempting to pierce the corporate veil all the way to the ultimate backers - the above mentioned traitorous "friends" of FLOSS and and perhaps to MSFT itself, to answer the question "What did you plan and when did you plan it?"
-The disaster in Las Vegas.
-The recent announcement by SuSE and Novell that they would merge, and IBM's $50-million in aid to the cause. Let us keep in mind, for the shills and the uninformed that _ONLY_NOVELL_ has the _TRUE_ Intellectual Property that SCOX falsely claims as their own. After all, SCOX still pays royalties to Novell for the trademarks, patents, trade secrets and copyrights they own that make up the IP known as "UNIX."
-IBM's take no prisoners approach to Discovery and their iron-gloved Motions to Compel that have shown SCOX's legal teams to be weak, disorganized and, ultimately, in contempt of the very Court they purport to serve.

Back to Mr. Szulik:

from a recent BusinessWeek article, lest we forget:

"GET TO THE TRUTH." The merits of the Lindon (Utah) company's position remain murky, however, in part because SCO won't let software experts openly examine the disputed code. Red Hat's Szulik says "we tried to seek a responsible way to see the code" but didn't like the limitations laid down. SCO told Red Hat it could see examples of code infringements -- but only under a confidentiality agreement that would prevent Red Hat from using what it learned to help prepare any litigation or to provide assistance to IBM.

So Red Hat turned to the courts. "The primary purpose of our complaint is to get to the truth of the matter on behalf of our customers and the open-source community," says Szulik. His Raleigh (N.C.) company is asking the court to make two so-called declaratory judgements: that Red Hat Linux neither infringes SCO's copyrights nor contains the materials that SCO claims were illegitimately contributed to the Linux community by IBM.

"Our complaint will now move to the discovery phase," says Szulik. That could force SCO to put up or shut up. And if the Delaware court finds in favor of Red Hat, ruling that its version of Linux doesn't contain the allegedly illegitimate code contributed by IBM, that would yank the rug from under SCO's lawsuit against IBM. Because all improvements to Linux by any company or person must be made available to all Linux users (a basic tenet of open-source software development), if IBM had added any of SCO's proprietary code, it would be in Red Hat's version of Linux by now. So if Red Hat Linux doesn't violate SCO's copyrights, it would be tough for SCO to argue that IBM did something wrong.

This SCOX 'thing' is a momentary distraction and a test for our true friends, that reveals the enemy behind their Fear and false smiles...but, when rolled up, it is just a stock scam, to make thieves, liars and cowards money, because they are too timid and stupid to come by their profits honestly.

This is only a stock scam...remember Delaware, folks.


Message ID: 59954
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-10 11:53:00
Subject: Down on above average volumes...

Good boy!

Gets a cookie!

1000 share ladders to 18.75

When will they ever learn...

The paint and the play time may be over.

SCOX may have run out of shills and energy to pump this pig.

This is a stock scam and has been since the Caldera IPO.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-13 15:03:00
Subject: This is a stock scam

...and has been since the Caldera pre-IPO roadshows.

On low volume, those in the employ and serving the interests of the Insiders and backers of this criminal company have bid the price back up to lure more Greater Fools in to take their money, too.

The manipulation continues today and takes advantage of the greedy and stupid.

Meanwhile, SCOX's attorneys perjure themselves and their clients...

...more evidence that the markets are rife with corruption...certainly the next target of Mr. Sptzer's teams should be stocks like this, trading like this and the whole of the NASDAQ.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-19 13:34:00
Subject: Groklaw is gonna be busy this week!!! the ONLY place, other than here that investors can find the truth about the SCUMX stock scam.

GO PJ!!!!


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-20 16:33:00
Subject: Net loss for the day

What a waste!

Two days after the foot-bullet/FUD-A-THON in Lindon and Vegas...MUCH faster die-off of the FUD effects than after SCUMForum in August.

Looks like Darl has lost his touch.

Boies never had a touch, except one that's about to get him disbarred in Florida.

Looks like the rest of the world has awakened to the truth: this is a stock scam.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-21 15:18:00
Subject: BAM!!!!!

The Street must know something about today's session we don't.

Maybe EVERYONE finally twigged to the truth: this is a stock scam.


Message ID: 65718
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-11-25 19:10:00
Subject: GO4SCO: Challenge MET!!! You Liar.

Your challenge, in message # 65400 on this board was:

>> Go ahead let the Zealot in you flame that.<<

First, I am not a Zealot. I am but a simple hunter for the truth. I met your challenge and proved you again to be nothing but liar and a shill (and probably just a script-kiddie punk, too).

Message #65400, you state:

>> Hmmm, I never siad OpenSSL was GPL, I siad when the idea of using OpenSSL came up I shot it down. Regardless of whatever free license it used.<<

and yet, in Message # 64167, you state:

>> One of my techs came to me and wanted to use OpenSSL on a project. Management thought it was soo cool we could do this project cheaper. Until I explained the viral clause in the GPL and they had me run norton antivirus on our network to clean this thing

Clearly implying, you thought OpenSSL (my bad, not OpenSSH - OpenSSL is Apache/SSLEAY License, which is based on a VERY LIBERAL public license) was GPL'd. Your 'joke' be damned, you filled your message with FUD and lies, and we then proceeded to laugh at you for the next two days, publicly. Today, you began your humiliation again, by a bald-faced lie and a challenge to me.

BTW, does your company use NOTHING but 100% 'proprietary licensed software?' ARE YOU SURE?

Me thinks, if there is a zealot here, it is you, lying sack of SCUMX shill excrement.

Get back under Darl's desk where you belong, you lying, stupid script-kiddie of a shill.

Sorry it took me so long to respond, sir.

Oh, and this SCOX thing is a stock scam, and you, sir, are a lying stupid shill.

Care to respond?


Message ID: 67740
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-12-05 00:38:00
Subject: Chevy, nice_stock:the crunchie position

Okay here is how the Linux development process works: you do not get to just "contribute." Contribution to the source tree is VERY conscripted. Though the list is long, most of the contributors cannot directly commit, but instead submit "patches" that are then scrutinized and then they sign an affadavit (a document that is legal in the US) swearing that they have rights to so contribute the code they have contributed. Therefore, they and they alone are responsible for any code in the kernel under their name or that of their project.

I have been through the process, as a submitter of patches to a kernel module project (not in the main kernel tree) and as a committer to another module project. The documents are very thorough, very legal, and leave no doubt that my contributions are mine AS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. If SCOX needs to go after anyone, since there is no "Linux, INC." they must go after a guilty contributor, not the end users and not the distributors.

As to copyrights, they didn't file for those until May of this year and didn't get them until well AFTER that. Additionally, they have no patents or patent rights, no trademark rights and no exclusive rights to the UNIX source released prior to their purchase of what limited rights they do have.

They haven't sued Novell or Red Hat or SuSE. They have given up on the original "trade secret" allegations that they filed against IBM (in favor of nebulous and unfounded "contract violation" and "derivative works" arguments).

SCOX has no case, they have admitted as much in their legal filings and their constant lying (including a BIG one yesterday from Darl himself in his new "Open Letter" - a lie that will, directly effect the stock price and diminish shareholder value) in the press and media and they, their shills and their criminal management and backers will find themselves in criminal court soon for Federal fraud. The company is about to be sued in no fewer than 35 countries and, in the two times they went to court, they lost and lost big because they GAVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT (in one case, leaving a valued, long-term partner and distributor to twist in the wind).

If you are in this as investors, cash in while you can NOW.

This is, after all, a stock scam.


Message ID: 74447
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-12-22 13:02:00
Subject: If They Send the Letter==Criminal

...under Fed Mail Fraud and RICO statutes...

SCOX becomes a criminal enterprise in FACT the day they send the letter they said they are sending today, and, depending on its content and the state or states the companies are incorporated in and where the corporate headquarters are, state charges may be pending also.

This is a stock scam that may become a Federal criminal case.


Message ID: 74861
Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2003-12-23 01:48:00
Subject: For the "LONGS" and other SCUMX Shills

...a comedic break in the action, as documented by PJ on GROKLAW at:

Now put the milk down, kiddies, and swallow, because Unkie Korbomite is going to explain some FACTS to the longs:

1. Linus Torvalds is the ORIGINAL author and present Maintainer of the Linux (see the amazing coincidence in names? Linus. Linux. See? Hold on, it gets better.) Linux holds the 'unclaimed' copyrights to the code base and all rights to the name. A Maintainer makes the decision to put each and every bit of code and commit it to the source tree. A Maintainer is the guy or gal who says when the build is done and production ready. Linus is the Linux Team Leader. But you longs wouldn't know production-ready code if it bit you on the nose, since Microsoft and SCOG release BETA and ALPHA code and make their customers pay to BETA-Test their products.

2. Linux is Open Source. That means it follows a structured and highly deterministic (oooooh, I know!!! Unkie Korbie used a big, big word. was it TOO big for you longs and shills?) process, heavily defined and codified. It is, in short a PUBLIC but highly-structured and well-policed process, following strict rules and governed by third-party STANDARDS, but still open for the whole world to see.

3. ALL of the examples SCUMX has shown are either artifacts (the August examples) or standards-based and pre-released to the standards bodies by the ORIGINAL rights holders, AT&T and USL. SCOX doesn't DARE re-fight the BSD wars, since they have the 'secret' USL/Regents agreements and know they will LOSE, as AT&T did. NONE of the code that SCUMX has thus far shown, except the variable definitions (defined by stanbdards and released to the public domain and the standards bodies) and header files, is ever executed by any CPU in ANY opstack, since it is all artifacts and junk stripped out by the gcc pre-compiler and optimizer.

Now for the funny:

In many trials, you do have two experts who each give an opposing opinion. Then the jury decides who it finds believable. But to put up an expert who knows more than Linus about Linux? It just can't be done. SCO might have convinced some Utah folks that Linus couldn't keep track of each and every contribution by others off the top of his head. But his own work? Their case depends on persuading a jury that Linus doesn't keep track of his own work? You don't have to be a genius to remember what you did yourself. Linus would seem to be indisputably the world's expert on himself.

Is this not the best day ever?

Yes, PJ, yes it is.

...and mr. Lyons, you'll probably be not-so-happy to read about PJ's 'email interview' since you and I know she is talking about you and she has more readers and more discussion and feedback in her LEAST popular story than you have in all your stories this quarter.

It's a bitch ain't it, Dan. But what goes around comes around for you M$-bought-and-paid-for media whores, and you SCUMX shills supporting this criminal company in its theft of shareholder monies and value in their continuing stock scam.


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