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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2003-09-12 13:53:00
Subject: GPL Business Model

The GPL is good for business. Unilever is a business, a VERY big business. They were able to do that math and see that by contributing funding directly to the development of Linux rather than blowing larger amounts on proprietary lock-in licensing, they can enhance their long term profitability. Businesses don't give a rats ass about the underlying platform, they care about the applications they need to run their business. And if they can run their business more profitaly by contracting out the application development than buying into open ended licensing scams with forced upgrades, they will. And if it looks more profitable to protect their investment and share the development costs with others by publishing the code under the GPL, then that is what they will do.

It's about Business. Not about the Software Business, Business. It's about capitalism and free markets. It just sucks for you if your business model is not what the market wants.

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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2003-11-04 23:17:00
Subject: Why Stock Go Up? No really....

I don't get it. When DB first came out with the $45 target it was news and triggered a big run up in price. Or did it? The Baystar deal is announced immediately folowing. Coincidence? Not. Now that DB recommmendation was so hedged and waffled that it was hardly worth calling a recommendation, other than the totally unsupported $.38 earnings projection and the equally unsupported $45 target. Yet the price takes off, then drifts back down to below BayStar's $16.93 price, with dwindling volume.

So today we get the Novell/SuSE/IBM news, which is somewhere between not good and totally disastrous for SCO, and we get Skiba reiterating the same unsupported target, which doesn't factor in the effects of the BayStar deal. And we get a $3.00 jump in price?

I'm having a difficult time believing that either price jump was a reaction to the bullcrap DB rec. I'm coming to the opinion that the news was just a cover for the price manipulation to give it the appearance of being partially based on some kind of reality.

It's a scam.........

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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2003-11-08 00:37:00
Subject: SCOX Lawyers

"The post-Enron world has given rise to a trendy legal specialty: the defense of companies accused of suspect accounting and insider self-dealing. At the top of the field is hot-shot New York attorney David Boies."

THE man for the job at SCOX. So what if he doesn't know IP law? It's a pump and dump stock scam.

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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2003-11-18 10:57:00
Subject: Gnu/Linux:Gnu's Not Unix!

The base of the SuSE linux distribution is the Linux kernel and the GNU libraries and tools. For all potential suckers: GNU stands for Gnu's Not Unix. Get that? Not Unix. What part of Not Unix don't you understand?

Canopy's spokesmodel Darl McBride, in his current acting role as CEO of a disintegrating software company turned litigant extradinaire, announces a lawsuit for competeing in the Unix business, by aquiring a software distributor of an operating system that is explicitly NOT UNIX! This is good news?

The fact that SCO violated the terms of their agreement with Novell by not acting in accordance with Novell's instructions to desist in their claims to terminate IBM's Unix license, and are now announcing the intent to sue Novell, is not good news.

In order to fuel another pump in the stock price, they have opened up yet another way to go down in flames.

None of which matters to the Canopy sock puppets posing as a management team for SCO. Their sole function is to allow the MAJOR stockholders to get out at the highest price possible, and screw the rest.

ALL legal actions undertaken by SCO are for the purpose of pumping the stock.

This is a stock scam, period.

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