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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-14 12:16:00
Subject: Monday morning line on CNBC

Cohen is going to have some explaining to do come Monday. The world does not buy the "strong fundamentals" BS anymore. I fully expect he will end up being out of Royce. Funny how his is the only black and white photograph on their page.

NOTE: It says he has been there for 2 years only. I wonder how the folks at Royce feel knowing they have him aboard and affecting their reputations? Do they care, or are they as "fully committed" to this gambit as he is?

I think we ought to start contacting their CEO with our concerns, and the sure and certain fact that we have been turning his claims over to the SEC for futher iinvestigation.

I love that last pump on MSN, what nice timing. They close the stock message board, they allow him to pump without disclosing his position. Then laughingly enough, they change the page to say he was "buying" when he OWNED stock already in SCOX. I guess those SEC laws mean nothing to Royce & Associates? That IS the perception that I am getting from their behavior and failure to do anything about this.

Time to complain to:

For CS&M:

For express or registered mail, send to:
The Royce Funds
c/o National Financial Data Services
330 West 9th Street, 4th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64105

For the rest of us:

To contact our home offices, write to:
Royce & Associates
1414 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10019

Justice can prevail if we DEMAND it. We may have to work our asses off to get it, but we can get justice ONLY if we demand it and embarass them into doing the right thing. They don't seem to care otherwise.

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