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Posted By: freecode_99
Posted On: 2003-09-14 18:29:00
Subject: Alternatives to the news: an idea

Here is my idea. Give them FEEDBACK.

To Jai Sigh, Editor in Chief at CNET:

Dear Jai,

I used to read CNET and other CMP publications more regularly, but that was before the current crop of reports became so transparently bent toward the corporate line. I am a blogger, so I am free to express opinion. I do so by stating that it is opinion. I don't go out and try to claim fact from company press releases and studies, I state that this is my opinon or someone else's opinion. I even take issue sometines with those whom I support when I think they are wrong.

I have had my trust in CNET and CMP Media, and by extension the so-called trade-press in general significantly eroded in the last few years. Now I read and see articles not even being given the slightest hint at an appearance of balance. It is getting out of hand and you are losing credibility among your readers when the opinions are being bought and paid for by the companies whose articles you are printing.

If you want to get our respect and readership, start by being objective, critical and balanced. Start by reviewing the articles for a change and taking some of these companies statements to task. Ask some tough questions and don't just wholesale accept their press releases as fact. You can start by asking the tough questions of the SCO Group executives who have profited to the tune of nearly 18 Million dollars in the last quarter through insider sales while your staff at CNET was taking their positions as fact and never once questioned them about the many problems with their (the Canopy/SCO Group) claims.

That might be a refreshing change. I won't say that I can trust your current staff yet, they seem hell-bent on not doing their homework on their articles.

Just my opinion, but I would bet you would find even more readers if you took the companies to task than by rolling over and printing whatever they tell you to print.



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