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Subject: 2 questions that may be on the exam, anybody know the answer?
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If you are installing a video card, what precation should you take?

A. Unplug the PC
B. Flash the BIOS
C. Use an ESD strap
D. Leave the power on.

I would have chosen "C" but I am told the correct answer is "A" That
makes no sense to me. In fact, I think you may be better off leaving
the PC plugged in because that will help to ground the system.

A user gets an "out of diskspace" error, what actions should you
consider (chose all that apply).

A. Add more RAM
B. Add a larger hard drive
C. Replace diskette drive
D. Remove unneeded files
E. Defrag the existing hard-drive.

I would say "B," "C," and "D." A lot of people think "E" should be
chosen. Also, very few people whould chose "C" but I say: why not? If
you are trying to write to full floppy, don't you get an error message
like that? Any opinions?