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Subject: Brian, I'm Just Curious...
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Brian, I'm new to this group. I primarily subscribed so that I could have
another angle of information related to The SCO Group's shenanigans and
have found some pieces of news that I haven't seen elsewhere.

At present, I do not use any form of Unix or Unix-based software (though
I've got longer-range plans to start using Linux). I do not own any SCO
Group products or stock or anything else. I have no personal vested
interest in the hoopla other than a desire to see Linux go forward and to
see the truth win out.

In terms of opinions on the issue, you and I are pretty close. I think the
public information and impressions are mounting that the SCO Group has
been blowing smoke all along and that there may not even BE a SCO Group to
face IBM (or anybody else) by the time of the trial. The article posted
11/5, reporting that SCO is actively resisting the full disclosure
requested by IBM as part of Discovery, seems to me to be the final straw.
Even at the risk of being placed under court order (which could lead to a
Contempt of Court judgment) and having their suit thrown out (and no
telling what else), they're blowing smoke on the issue of coughing up the
code right in the judge's face. If nothing else has made the point, this
issue unquestionably makes the point to me that the SCO Group has no
evidence to base a case on and yes, they're going to get clobbered if they
continue to persist.

What I'm curious about is this; what's YOUR beef? The statements I've seen
from you in this group are ones seething with personal anger and passion,
like you yourself have some stake in this matter. I don't have one, so
while I'm rather torqued at the SCO Group's shenanigans, I don't take it
as a personal issue and have no passion to rant and rave as I've seen from
you in this group. Nor do I consider all users of SCO software, all
computer consultants who support SCO software as part of their portfolio,
all employees of SCO (most of which are just lummoxes like you and me just
trying to do a job so they can support themselves and their families--some
of the ones who are going to REALLY get hurt by all of this) and anyone
who says a legitimate kind word about SCO (even with all the things
happening, surely SOMEBODY there has to be doing SOMETHING right) to be my
mortal enemy. My only beef is with the MANAGEMENT of the SCO Group, who
have taken a company that was barely keeping its head above water and seem
to be determined to go out with a bang and take as many people and
companies as possible with them, creating havoc along the way.

So what's the deal? What's your stake in this thing? How have the SCO
Group's actions injured you personally? Why of all the issues in the world
that call for our attention have you chosen this one to pour your anger
and passion into, to the extent of venting personal abuse on others?

Enquiring minds want to know!

I'm Mike--James' Dad, hence "JamesDad". I use this nym in memory of my 
son James Webb (1992-2000) who died fighting leukemia. He was a greater 
man at 8 than some ever become. May his life, battle and story never be
forgotten! More info at <>. 

From: Brian <>
Subject: Re: Brian, I'm Just Curious...
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JamesDad wrote:

<clipped for brevity>

> So what's the deal? What's your stake in this thing? How have the SCO
> Group's actions injured you personally? Why of all the issues in the 
> world that call for our attention have you chosen this one to pour 
> your anger and passion into, to the extent of venting personal abuse 
> on others?

> Enquiring minds want to know!

Ten months ago I had no strong opinions about Caldera/The SCO Group other
than they were a Linux distributor who seemed to be having problems finding
a niche.

I have installed Linux network services in commercial environments since
1995 and for the last two years have begun installing and supporting Linux

I attempt to be as responsible as I can in what I promise and what I can
deliver - I have turned away business rather than do a job poorly.

Any Linux supporter will tell you it is a constant battle to overcome the
flood of FUD that originates from Redmond - if Linux wasn't ten times
better than Windows we would have been kicked to the curb years ago.

Now here comes The SCO Group that apparently has a contract dispute with IBM
but goes on a public relations rampage against the open source movement -
the very community from which it sprang and obtained it's funding.

Was SCO trying to get acquired by IBM? No - IBM would never purchase a
company that was purposely perpetrating a fraudulent claim.

Was SCO seriously attempting to secure licensing fees from Linux users? No -
every attempt to buy a Linux license has failed.

Was SCO hoping to prevail in the IBM lawsuit? Not if their present conduct
is any indicator. Right from the onset SCO refused to identify the Linux
code that was in dispute. It is one thing to reveal your own code but it is
quite another to refuse to identify the alledged infringement. It is

Darl McBride, Chris Sontag and Blake Stowell have traveled the globe in a
carefully planned and fully funded campaign of FUD directed at the heart of

This was not the conduct of a company with a real IP problem, SCO's agenda
was very clearly to destroy Linux, the GPL and open source.

Credibility is everything when you are handling an organizations data and
communication and there are few things that scares a CEO more than the
prospect of litigation.

I have a great deal of pride in and respect for the open source movement,
the free software foundation and the Linux community. Now I find my
personal profession and my community the subject of ridicule and disrespect
as a consequence of SCO's deliberate and baseless attacks.

I am pissed!

I am pissed at the engineers that work at SCO who know that this is a fraud
and yet hold their silence. I am pissed at the thick headed thinking that
refuses to acknowledge facts in evidence that point to the truth of SCO's
duplicity. I am pissed at the slow witted slack jawed stubborn support that
still exists behind a facade of protest.

Even today as the legal noose tightens The SCO Group is continuing to
perpetuate this destructive attack. They continue to pose like injured
victims with a legitimate legal claim in any venue that will have them -
their worst crime is that they are plausible liars and continue to cause
real damage.

I am pissed and I feel compelled to share. I have emailed Darl, Chris and
Blake but they have not replied. I have written to a number of misinformed
journalists that are running with this story and they have not answered. I
have even emailed many of SCO's partners and supporters sharing my concerns
but have only received perfunctory acknowledgment. Now I am sharing with
the only SCO community that still exists.

So yes, I am seething with anger and I am not motivated in any way to be
polite about it.

What I do not do is interfere with legitimate traffic in this newsgroup or
disparage technology advice. I may even have professional respect for some
of the experts in this newsgroup however I feel about their personal

That is my story James Dad - as a sidebar, I have a grown son named James. I
still worry about my grown children and cherish my youngest daughter. 

I wish you strength in your loss - I can't even begin to imagine...

Best regards,

Network Services