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Posted By: heimdal31
Posted On: 2003-12-09 15:07:00
Subject: Discussion board

Last night, stdsoft0 in message 69095 suggested us coordinating to provide updated/corrected information that could be used to write reasoned letters in response to bad journalism.

Then in message 69099 b29651 suggested setting up a list or group for doing that.

Others chimed in that it was a good idea and I volunteered to put something together.

I am not suggesting that we move off of the Yahoo board. In fact, I do not plan to. But, we have an alternate location that will have a better search capability and has threaded discussions. You can set up e-mail alerts to threads or responses to your posts if you want.

I'm using the GPL'd phpBB software that uses php and MySQL to make a discussion forum. Right now, all categories are open for any registered user to post to and anyone can read. Last night, some had suggested a closed group, but I think the speed with which we are dissecting the most recent SEC filing argues against that.

I can set up sections that are not open to the general public if there is a need.

Where I am the dns changes have worked their way through and I believe it should be accessible at

If not, it can be accessed at

Again, I say we keep the discussion here for today because more will see it, and we are relatvely troll free right now. However, if someone wants to dump relevant posts to the new discussion board for archival purposes and easier searching, that isn't a bad idea.

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