Message ID: 71754
Posted By: leclite
Posted On: 2003-12-15 23:17:00
Subject: troll rollcall

Some of you are still having problems distinguishing trolls from the real thing.

Here is an updated list.

trolls posing as stupid:

occasional sarcastic content:

in denial:
nice_stock aka ?
siriusisthenextdell (MIA)

irretrievably stupid:
cyzq (MIA)
fox (MIA)
go4sco (MIA)
ledite (MIA)
nigelbeez aka kilerbez
roberto (seen posting elsewhere)
tortiello aka trader_italy

no longer in denial:


Message ID: 71759
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2003-12-15 23:41:00
Subject: Re: troll rollcall

Yeah yeah...

It seems I am always nitpicking about your troll lists...

I put AnnieLinux in a separate catagory simply because AnnieLinux is quite honest about what she (he, who knows) is doing.

If anybody really wants to buy a clue, Annie has provided it. Annie is not stupid, Annie is not dishonest, Annie is just a demned troll.

I do honestly know how anybody can troll for SCOX at this point without looking stupid.

Can you make a new catagory named "Honest Troll"? I would appreciate it.


Message ID: 71762
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2003-12-15 23:56:00
Subject: Re: BARE trolling, not honest troll

The trolling is not covered up.

It's still lies so it cannot be honest.

A troll is a troll chief. One who admits to it is more honest than one who does not. Annie admits to it on a regular basis.

Usually, I do not make a distinction. On this board it is important, because we are highly intollerant of SCOX longs. A lot of names get tossed about. At the tip of a hat. Shill. Employee. Troll. I think we need to use these terms correctly. Here.

Annie is very clearly a Troll. Annie admits on a regular basis she is a troll. And I think it is important we recognise that. Here.

Stuff gets thrown around too often not to. My opinion obviously. Feel free to think otherwise.

I don't know. With as much hate as there is on this board toward SCOX, I think it is important to make distinctions.

How many Annies will you get otherwise? Remember, she is a strong short.

Message ID: 71811
Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2003-12-16 08:32:00
Subject: IBM and Closed Court -- Troll Lvl: RED

I would think that IBM has a valid argument for making the information publically available. Since the code is public, the Judge would be hard pressed to see a "trade secret" issue involved. See ATT vs. BSDi for the rest of that argument.

As for the troll level, it looks like something is going to happen. Darl & Co. woke up a lot of old trolls we haven't seen in a while.


Troll Alert Level for Today: RED

Message ID: 71817
Posted By: phandsvrta
Posted On: 2003-12-16 08:50:00
Subject: Re: IBM and Closed Court -- Troll Lvl:

As someone (sorry, can't find it right now) pointed out about a week ago in reply to one of my posts, all IBM would need to do is to remove all the "offending" files from the sources and release what's left. After all, what's left is by definition, public domain (as if the rest isn't, I know), and freely available. Then all that's needed is essentially a tree diff.

Darl & Co really don't understand the Open source spirit and mentality.

Message ID: 71976
Posted By: leclite
Posted On: 2003-12-16 14:26:00
Subject: troll roundup, requesting feedback.

kilerbez has inspired me to update my fascist, communist, Nazi dossier of trolls.

Give it a once over, and make suggestions.


Trolls posing as stupid:

Occasional sarcastic content:

In denial:
nice_stock aka ? (MIA)
siriusisthenextdell (MIA)

Irretrievably stupid:
backinfullforce (MIA) - incoherent sentence fragments, grammar problems, mass misspellings; can't keep a logical line of reasoning intact, thinks the GPL is a contract between FSF and the world.
chevyfanz2001 - incoherent sentence fragments, grammar problems, mass misspellings
cyzq2003 (MIA) - GEM, TO THE MOON
fox77_99 (MIA) - clueless SCO var; soon to be unemployed, which is clearly Linux's fault
go4sco (MIA) - back a winnar!
Laura DiDio - old friend of McBride's crew, but still thinks Boies is on contingency.
ledite (MIA) - mirandiz, monetize, paided
nigelbeez aka kilerbez (MIA) - makes lists of 1) communists 2) facists and 3) Nazis that make lists
roberto69 (seen posting elsewhere) - barely literate
tortiello aka trader_italy - completely illiterate; can't read, only knows the word "woooooooooow!"

No longer in denial:
yoyotogoismyname - fun fun fun until BayStar took his MM leverage away.

mazzaltoff - [classified]

Attention whores:
annielinux - retired
Daniel Lyons - hack journalist, fact checking would interrupt his attention whoring
Rob Enderle - hack journalist, fact checking would interrupt his attention whoring

Message ID: 72986
Posted By: b29651
Posted On: 2003-12-18 11:22:00
Subject: Yesterday the troll count

went up and the stock climbed
was wondering if i remember the last time it climbed like this didnt a bunch of trolls show then also?

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