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Posted By: atul666
Posted On: 2003-12-31 06:35:00
Subject: SCO's bluff is called

Here's a hillarious open letter to SCO from the head of a nonprofit computer recycling outfit. It's quite an enjoyable read.

My favourite bit:

"To be more specific you claim that Gnu/Linux is a derivative of your Unix IP and as such is your IP. After extensive research on my own part and reviewing the considered opinions of those in the field of IP litigation I have concluded to my own satisfaction that your position consists of bullpuckey."

(IMHO the correct term is "bullsco", however.)

It occurs to me that SCO's entire strategy is based on the idea that nobody outside their company is familiar with the concept of "bluffing" and won't see it for what it is. Yet more evidence of the Mad SCO Disease epidemic now ravaging parts of Utah.

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