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:: SCO Protest Posted 06/20/03

Members of the Linux, Free Software, and Open Source user groups of Utah have been very ashamed of the actions of SCO, in relation to Linux. There are many resources that already document what this case is about, such as the Opensource.org paper, we felt that as the local Linux advocates, we needed to voice our opinion. So we all decided to stage a protest in front of SCO's offices, knowing that, while they really don't care about Linux and Unix users, we could at least get our opinion out. Most of the local papers and tv stations had only heard SCO's side of the case, from their ever-so-frequent FUD releases. This gave us a great chance to inform local companies about what people really think of SCO.

One of the group members made an excellent flyer which we handed out to people, explaining some of the facts about the case: Flyer

:: Protesters
Sue me, I use Linux

Approximately 70 protestors turned out at SCO headquarters in Lindon, Utah to voice their opinion on SCO's lawsuit. Aside from that, there were approximately 100 onlookers. Pretty good considering we were on a cul-de-sacfor the first half. Most of the onlookers were media reps and people from nearby companies (mostly Canopy group companies).

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:: FUD

One of the more interesting parts of the event this afternoon was as the linux users showed up to begin the protest, several people came out of the SCO building with pre-prepared posters for the protest. In several of the pictures you will notice them trying to mingle in with the crowd, or trying to make sure their posters were seen amongst the crowd. These posters had such winning slogans as:

  • I love software piracy
  • I don't pay for my music, I'm not paying for my os, so sue me
  • My son stole code & published it! And all I got was this lousy t-shirt
  • Try communism - use Linux

As you can see, SCO's pre-prepared statements reflect well their opinion of the linux community.

SCO of course made sure that they gave some time to the press, but only inside their building, which we were not allowed to approach. Instead of having the discussion with us.

:: Interview with McBride

McBride stopped and talked to the demostrators on his way home from "work". After a minute or two of small talk the questions started to fly. Luckily, we had a camcorder there. Here is what he said... *Coming Soon*

He gave strong answers to a few questions and weasled his way away around all the rest of them. Most of his answers included the phrase "You'll find out in July". It's obvious he's getting good at answering these questions. He even whipped out a folder that had the Linux and SCO code "side by side". He showed us a quick glance at the Linux code. Now we're going to get sued... :)

Many of the protesters wondered about who SCO was going after. He reaffirmed that they are going after corporate uses of Linux and would not affect users of Linux "YET".

:: Media Coverage

  • Deseret News
    'SCO spokesman Blake Stowell says his company's lawsuit will not put an end to Linux. "Linux could still be used; it just wouldn't be free," Stowell said. "These people are upset because they've been enjoying a free ride for some time. They're upset their free ride will potentially be gone."'
  • Provo Daily Herald - Front Page



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