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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2004-01-09 11:22:00
Subject: SCOX: Market doesn't care (.)
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The volume of trading in SCOX is 1% of the volume of RHAT. Apparently, the market really doesn't give a crap one way or the other about this bush league stock scam. Nobody wants to play. At this point it is the institutionals against the insiders, with the public staying away in droves.

Yes Darl, despite your press clippings, you are irrelevant. The only thing you press clippings represent is the volume of evidence you have provided against yourself for lanham Act violations. Way to go.

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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2004-03-01 12:05:00
Subject: Menage a trois Licensing scam

Microsoft provides the SCOG $millions in loan cum licensing deal to attack their No. 1 threat, Linux.

Microsoft touts EV1 in Win2003/Linux case study.

Netcraft names EV1 the top Win2003 hosting provider.

EV1 has amazingly low, low pricing for Win2003 servers.

EV1 buys SCO IP license just days before Q1 conference call, and on the day of the PIPE and Boies deals deadline.

Coincidence or Conspiracy? Let the DoJ make the call.

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Posted By: crunchie812
Posted On: 2004-09-01 09:13:00
Subject: Fiduciary Responsibility

It should be reasonably clear to anyone following this case that it has gone from a long shot at a big payoff to a reasonably sure bet to incur damages and court costs. Red Hat and IBM are almost certain to receive damages for Lantham act violations. AutoZone may receive at least court costs, and quite possibly damages. Novell is probably owed 95% of the Sun and Microsoft fees.

At this point it seems that guaranteeing Boies an additional $31 million to pursue a losing strategy to the bitter and hideously expensive end is an almost certain strategy for achieving bankruptcy.

Boies gets the meat, 2/3 of the available cash. IBM, Novell, and Red Hat can gnaw on the bones. The poison pill plan protects the shareholders of record (insiders) and management and screws the rest.

A perfect and complete betrayal of fiduciary responsibility to the rest of the shareholders.

But isn't that the point of a pump and dump scam?

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Posted On: 2004-10-30 12:52:00
Subject: Linux Co. sues IBM for using Linux!

There is no SCO. The Santa Cruz Operation is no more. The non-Unix portion of that company is now Tarantella. The Unix portion was bought by Canopy-controlled Caldera, a Linux distributor, developer, and contributor, with its IPO proceeds.

This was an attempt to combine a failing Linux business with a failing Unix business into a profitable whole. Under good, independent leadership this may have been possible. Unfortunately Ralph Yarro gutted and dismembered this combined entity by spinning off and selling its bests hopes, leaving a more rapidly failing company.

Darl McBride was brought in when the hemmoraging pig was a few quarters away from becoming a bloodless carcass. There are many executives who are known for their ability to come into an ailing organization and restoring it to profitability. Darl McBride is not one of them. He is primarily known for being fired from Ikon after wasting millions on useless aquisitions, getting fired, and successfully suing them.

Darl McBride's turnaround plan was to get bought out. He bungled that as thoroughly as he bungled at Ikon. He overplayed his hand with a suit against IBM,making the company essentially unsellable, but generating enough publicity to execute a punp and dump scam, kiting the stock price briefly as high as $22.

And here we are.....

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