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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-01-27 13:57:00
Subject: *yawn* .... Has the Hammer Dropped Yet?

not yet ..... 42,000 shares traded.



waiting for this stock scam to crash

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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-02-12 12:41:00
Subject: For the Record ....

... no one gives a rat's a** about this stock scam anymore.

Quote: Bid: $13.69 ( 100) Ask: $13.79 ( 100)
*Trade: 110 shares @ $13.77
Quote: Bid: $13.69 ( 100) Ask: $13.75 ( 100)
*Trade: 100 shares @ $13.75
*Trade: 700 shares @ $13.69
*Trade: 300 shares @ $13.69
*Trade: 200 shares @ $13.69

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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-02-23 08:56:00
Subject: Troll Alert: Thick as Pea Soup

As others have pointed out, two items have surfaced over the weekend that will have the trolls out enforce. The first, the ZDNet "article" adn the SCO License is available for purchase.

To the first item, I say it is more of the usual FUD. Several old trolls and several new ones have appeared to push the facts off the front page.

The second is interesting. I was under the impression that SCO had a "sales force" to sell SCO products to end-users and OEMs. If this is the case, why would SCO need to host a method to purchase online? And with a credit card?

I laugh as I imagine the CIO of a Fortune 500 company whipping out his VISA card to purchase the SCO "License" .... hehehehehehe


[This is a stock scam on the brink of being exposed. Stay far away .....]

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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-02-26 06:48:00
Subject: Earnings, RBC, and their Hedge Client

Several events are converging within the next few days. The earnings call (a horror show) as well as the securities registration will make the next five trading days fun to watch.

But one thing stands out that we all forgot .... Cohen, RBC, and Cohen's hedge fund. I remember the research not too long ago on Cohen's hedge fund. It was pretty much agreed that this was the RBC client, and that this is to hedge Cohen/Royce's long holdings in SCOX.

Now as SCOX approaches the cliff (like Wyle E. Coyote) what is there to stop Cohen from pulling the rug out? (This, of course, assumes that Cohen's hedge fund is the RBC client) My personal belief is that Cohen/Royce doesn't want to have any questions about manipulation, so they are waiting for a bad event (like the earnings call) to pull the trigger and exit.

I respect Korbomite, but I have to disagree. With MSFT getting hammered in Japan, the traders probably will rush to "real" IT companies (IBM, etc). I have to believe that at least some of the traders know SCOX is a scam.

And lastly .... GWD spoke of a suit against Google. While this sounds tempting (to Darl) from a FUD perspective, it will absolutely destroy SCOX. Whatever positive view ANY trader had would disappear. Think: Wall St. WANTS a Google IPO so they can return to the heyday of big money IPOs. Wall St would crush SCOX like a bug if they interfered with what could be a huge profitable IPO. (Even though the IPO is not happening soon)


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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-03-05 18:00:00
Subject: A Well Rounded, Representative Group

In terms of a cross section of America (and other countries,) this board has it all. We, as a group, cover techies and non-technies, city people, suburb-slickers, and folks from the country. And our bretheren from the UK (mostly) add a spice to the mix. We are what Bill Gates and Darl fear most: a well educated, inquisitive, well-read, and highly moral group.

Now, let's compare that description with the typical SCOX or MSFT long, shall we? Well educated? Perhaps, although it's hard to tell. Inquisitive? Hardly, as they don't even read the basic information about this company. Well read? Hmmmm ... not likely.

And the final qualification: highly moral. My personal definition of moral requires a person to respect others. In addition, I usually don't find extremely greedy and self-centered people to be highly moral either. And liars? They automatically are not moral at all. When looking for the truth, moral people find it and accept it, whether it agrees with their ideals or not. Non-moralistic people scream shrilly about how everyone else is wrong.

I think this pretty much defines why this group of posters has stayed together and focused throughout this whole, long charade. And, certainly, this stock scam is a charade. It will end badly for those like Ledite and just_bs. It will end badly for those who lie and co-opt other's work. Ledite? Get over it .... your moral barometer is broken and your ideals are shattered.

We all speak the truth here. I, for one, sleep well at night knowing I've contributed (via GPL software) to the greater good. Others contribute similarly in their own ways.

Congratulations to all who stay here, tolerate the abuse and trolls, and still return to keep the truth alive.


["This is a stock scam" must be attributed to Korbomite ... yet another speaker of truth]

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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-05-24 18:24:00
Subject: Calling All Journalists ....

.... who read this board! We the members of this Yahoo! have presented several interesting leads to follow concerning Alexis deTorqueville Institution. It seems this fact-finding "think tank" is a scam (much like SCOX) and is perpetrating a grave injustice upon those who actually use their quotes.

Protect yourself! Expose AdTI for what it is!


[ AdTI == Enderle with a nice name. In other words, a quote factory ]

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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-05-25 08:43:00
Subject: Yahoo! SCOX and Weird Aliens

It has come to the attention of several posters here that many on this board do not hold a position in SCOX. While to those of us who are Linux supporters, this seems normal, many view this as hypocrisy. And why is this? Well, I have a couple of ideas ....

First, the population of the Yahoo! financial boards has been typically (from what I read) those who wish to detract or extoll their chosen stock. They only seem concerned with the price of the stock, its movement, and their own personal gains. I believe that this is a normal occurrance. And on a financial board, this is what one normally would expect. However, many here are thinking well beyond the day-to-day shenanigans of Ralph and the Three Stooges. I know there are many here who are attempting to keep the unwary from being "taken" by these scammers and con men. Still, this related to the stock, its price, and the company.

Second, and more importantly, their are a large number of posters here who are not involved in the financial aspects of this particular stock scam. They are here because, like Groklaw, this board became a sounding board for those who angry with the methods that people and companies are using to cast doubt on open source software. SCOX is been a lightning rod for many in the open source community, whether they be users or developers or businesses. The realization that OSS is hurting the "status quo" and affecting the proprietary software companies has brought out many who fear the evolution of the industry, and the intendant loss of revenue.

What the "weird alien" posters do not understand is that the OSS community will gather whereever they feel that the facts are being distorted. The venue is not important, the truth is. And this is where many people's understanding of the OSS community fails. They cannot grasp a group of people who will invest enormous amounts of time in a project or a subject with no financial gain. The traits that the OSS community displays (curiosity, honesty, integrity) are all but gone from the financial industry.

Some day in the near future, when all the stupidity surrounding SCOX dies down, some real analyst will look back and discover what we already know: OSS is here to stay, and the community that engenders it will be in charge of IT. Funny how the current analysts forget that today's OSS advocate is tomorrow's IT department head and purchaser.


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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-07-24 15:41:00
Subject: Greed Breeds Distrust and Errors

SCOX is greedy, and they needed money to pursue their "Linux Lottery". The greed has given them ability to pump and dump shares, use their stock to buy other companies, and drain the cash equity out of the pockets of the shareholders. BayStar is also victim of its own greed, as well as Royce and Guardian.

What do all of these organization and individuals have in common? They let their desire for money to cloud their business sense and logic. We as uninvolved (directly) observers remark repeatedly on how these seemingly intelligent people could have made such stupid mistakes.

Their lust for money has also allowed them to compound their mistakes. The difference with this group, as opposed to others who have done the same things, is that the OSS community is watching them. This board, Groklaw and people like Perens and Raymond continue to shine a bright light on every stupid mistake SCOX, BayStar, Royce and Guardian make. While other stock frauds get away with scams like this, SCOX won't. This is in part due to the people here.

The whole greedy plan was shaky from the beginning, but with the OSS community continually revealing facts about what is really happening, the scam hasn't worked out too well.

Don't let anyone think that BayStar, SCOX, Royce, and Guardian aren't reading here (and Groklaw). They are. And they cannot stand the fact that we are ruining their snake oil "Get Rich Quick" schemes by revealing facts.


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Posted By: manyhats23
Posted On: 2004-12-20 10:59:00
Subject: WHOOPS!!!!!!!

The +$5.00 dumping is already over.

qqq did you buy some more? Biff? I hope so! That would make Darl and Chris and Blake and Ralph and Burt really happy for Christmas! Oh, and Larry at BayStar, too!

Let's give all the CRIMINALS involved in this stock SCAM a holiday present by purchasing their toilet paper shares for more than $5.00! qqq and the rest of buyers have been suckered just like the last set of "earnings call" trolls and shills.


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