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Posted On: 2004-01-29 08:50:00
Subject: If the MS Payment IS a loan, then...

time to report it to the observers of the MSFT antitrust settlement. That goes above and beyond and would amount to interference by proxy without any clean separation. It would put serious egg on their claims of non-involvement in the whole deal, and would put serious questions up about the viability of the Antitrust settlement altogether.

If you can show me the link that determines it is a loan - I will gladly write the letters once again. It is time we stopped the BS and got on with business - so that means an end to the tortuous interference via proxy here. Please provide that link or bit which shows the loan status and I will get to writing an effective letter of complaint.

I have also delivered my letters written to the SEC, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and the NY State AG to the Wall Street Journal's Managing and Assistant Managing Editors. I am waiting to see if they want to talk. If not, I will go next to the NY Times, then maybe the Tribune (Chicago) then LA Times, any other ideas for reputable reporters I might reveal these letters to?

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Posted On: 2004-01-29 09:42:00
Subject: Heimdal - licenses


I agree that the "License" texts would be very interesting indeed, specifically because SCO Group may be required to pay Novell 95% of those fees and that such "creative financing" may place their financial house on fire.

The real point of the SCO Group Press Play (as always in this case) seems to be to obscure, obfuscate and distract as loudly as possible. It remains a litigious action with strong emotional entertainment value that is smoking so much that it could choke a man to death from the noxious fumes of dishonesty and underhanded dealings.

I again make an offer to an honest reporter for the letters I have written to the NY State Atty. Gen., the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (Sarbanes-Oxley oversight board), and the SEC Compliant Center.


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