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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2004-02-13 00:25:00
Subject: More History: NUMA

Notice the names: NOT just IBM...see the HP and Compaq guys...see the NEC, SuSE and Fujitsu guys...formerly SCO (not SCUMX) partners and supporters...see the date: WHERE THE HELL WAS oldSCO IF THEY OBJECTED...this was, after all, apublic meeting in a public place...they WERE invited.

Notice the date.

WHERE HAVE YOU IDIOTS BEEN, SCUMX...where were you Darl, Ralphie, Ransome? Mr. Noorda?

Where were you dumbasses?

Oh, that's right: you were planning this criminal stock scam and fraud on the American Investor.


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2004-02-13 00:30:00
Subject: Bye SCUMX! Novell KILLED YOU!

Accordingly, pursuant to Section 4.16(b) of the Asset Purchase Agreement, Novell, on behalf of The SCO Group, hereby waives any purported right SCO may claim to require Sequent (or IBM as its successor) to treat Sequent Code as subject to the confidentiality obligations or use restrictions of Sequent's SVRX license.

More on Groklaw.

The stock scam is unravlelling. Soon come the criminal indictments of the co-conspirators. Think BillG is buying a house in Argentina?


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2004-02-13 00:39:00
Subject: Microsoft's OTHER Enforcement Arm

The Business Software Alliance, forcing companies to drop Novell for M$ software:


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Posted By: korbomite
Posted On: 2004-02-13 00:41:00
Subject: Re: Bye SCUMX! Novell KILLED YOU!

mmmm...may not go Federal...DEFINITELY State charges in New York and other states.

Watch and see, after the big-news civil trials are dismissed soon.


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