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TuxRocks.com is managed by Frank Sorenson [ http://www.tuxrocks.com/ ]. TuxRocks hosts my personal web pages [ http://www.tuxrocks.com/ ], as well as a variety of additional pages. Currently, the largest collection of these pages relate to the SCO v. IBM lawsuit. I chose the name TuxRocks because my family [ http://sco.tuxrocks.com/images/family.jpg ] really thinks Tux and Linux are great. My 2 1/2 year old in particular really loves Tux, and pretty much thinks that all penguins must be named Tux.

The collection of legal documents hosted at TuxRocks are intended to be a helpful supplement to other sites (such as Groklaw [ http://www.groklaw.net/ ] ) that discuss the SCO lawsuit(s) and other legal matters that are of concern to open-source advocates. My pages should not be interpreted as a substitute for these other sites or as sound legal advice. Also, I do not represent or speak for anyone else (sometimes, I don't even represent myself).

There are a number of reasons that I'm involved in the SCO matter. To name a few:

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