OT : When will the judge rule ?

By Anonymous

February 18 2004

This waiting is killing me.

When is the Judge expected to make an announcement on the ruling? Any ideas
anyone, or have i missed the grand event?


05:32 PM EST

OT : When will the judge rule ?

By chrisbrown

February 18 2004

Since IANAL, I too am impatient. Lawyers, it seems, have grown accustomed to
the slow pace of litigation. I live here in Utah & our Senator Orrin Hatch
is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In frustration over this suit I
wrote him expressing my opinions. Part of his reply letter follows:

"I understand that complex and novel intellectual property litigation
necessarily proceeds at a measured pace. I also recognize the pace of
intellectual-property litigation could become an inappropriate obstacle to the
development of new and useful technologies, particularly if the claims at issue
turn out to be tenuous or non-meritorious."
(Jan 9, 2004 - Senator Orrin G. Hatch in letter)

Yes, Senator, it certaintly does move at a glacial pace; especially when one's
livelihood is attacked.

PJ: I'll probably email you the letter if it's of interest.

11:57 PM EST


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