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Posted By: heimdal31
Posted On: 2004-03-04 10:44:00
Subject: Previous Anderer research

Here's an attempt to jumpstart research on Anderer. The board here has looked at him before because of his mention in SEC filings. Here is an incomplete list of the more interesting posts. Pay particular attention to the entire thread started with message 87660.

87038 where elcorton first makes a suggestion of an Anderer/MS connection

87610 where elcorton speculates that Anderer is the way MS communicates with SCO

87660 where atul666 points out the IKON connection. Follow the whole thread of this message for lots of good tidbits

87693 where silicon4ever points out an Anderer connection to Silicon StemCell

87723 where yogi61bear connects a bunch more dots with Anderer and Silicon Stemcell and others (this is part of the 87660 thread)

87986 where elcorton points out a Philadelphia Business Journal article about Anderer

88596 where nezneau finds Anderer's resume on the wayback machine with connections to Michael Dell, Kenneth Lay, Dennis Kozlowski and others.

95558 where bindicap posts a bunch of good questions. This doesn't add much to the Anderer discussion, but they are good question, nonetheless.

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Posted By: heimdal31
Posted On: 2004-03-07 16:53:00
Subject: A Modest Proposal

I don't have anything to offer you, but if you get what you need, and can write it up, I would love to add it to

In fact, I've been thinking that the Halloween X documents are likely going to start bringing more news scrutiny. Groklaw is a wonderful resource, but to get at the financial end of things, for the most part, you need to dig into the comments. There is a search capability, but for a reporter new to the whole fiaSCO, it would be involved.

This board is a great resource, but Yahoo's searc is all but unusable.

I don't have the time to do all that I would like, but the material that manyhats is talking about would be a great project.

An examination of what we know about the DB connections and a look at each and every time that Skiba has reiterated his $45 target price in terms of what was happening in the SCO story at the time. (This may be what manyhats23 is talking about.)

Something more on Jonathan Cohen and Royce Associates. I did something back in August, but we know so much more now.

With all the bits and pieces that have come out, a good concise piece on all that we know about the PIPE deal.

Just about any of stdsoft0's posts, as well as a good summary of elcorton's and axul666(?)'s stuff on Anderer.

I'm sure many others can think of more.

If anyone wants to write up some detailed info in html, with links to where you got your data, I would be willing to host it on You can e-mail me using the address at my Yahoo profile.

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