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From brian at  Sat Mar 20 02:20:21 2004
From: brian at (Brian)
Date: Sat Mar 20 10:45:10 2004
Subject: When is the wake?
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Hello Dear Friends:

Anybody read SCO's 10Q recently?

There were some comments about reducing the costs associated with it's Unix
development and support. I think that means the guys doing the actual work
at SCO better freshen up their resumes. 

Another of my favorite passages indicates that fewer developers are
supporting SCO and fewer manufacturers are providing SCO drivers for their
hardware. Why should they? SCO is no longer in the Unix business anyway.

Anybody checked out SCO's declining stock price. Sad, almost tragic.

I sure hope everybody that invested in SCO has learned their lesson.

Now it's time for Tony to post about what an idiot I am or perhaps that I am
a moron.

Tony is the one that thinks SCO has a case and that even if they don't have
a case they could still win.


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