Message ID: 115278
Posted By: sonofnergal
Posted On: 2004-03-24 10:47:00
Subject: Re: WAG page up

Very nice. Two thumbs up!

Message ID: 115290
Posted By: scox_on_the_rox
Posted On: 2004-03-24 11:14:00
Subject: Re: WAG page up, sonofnergal

Quit hitting reload. And deadtyred, fix your code so that entries are unique. ;-)


Message ID: 115414
Posted By: diogenese19348
Posted On: 2004-03-24 14:38:00
Subject: Another WAG Idea

Predicting the first date at which SCOX closes lower than it did that date a year ago...

Message ID: 115502
Posted By: laughing_vergil
Posted On: 2004-03-24 16:54:00
Subject: Well, who got today's WAG?

I'm surprised -- things actually went like I expected, although I didn't think that it would be held at 7.80 or above... my 7.79 looks to be a good guess.

WWAG for tomorrow: 7.75 or (if *any* news) 7.51

(BTW, what was that URL to the WAG website that was set up?)

Message ID: 115795
Posted By: choconutdancer
Posted On: 2004-03-25 13:28:00
Subject: ok, what does WAG mean?

if I google for "WAG" and "stock" I get Walgreens stock hits.

if I google just for "WAG" I get lots of stuff about dogs and a hit on a punk rock band.

so, what does WAG mean?

Message ID: 115796
Posted By: phandsvrta
Posted On: 2004-03-25 13:30:00
Subject: Re: ok, what does WAG mean?

Go to the page :-

Message ID: 115852
Posted By: cambo67
Posted On: 2004-03-25 14:49:00
Subject: WAG page

Excellent work, DT!

It's also impressive just how many people are posting on it!


Message ID: 115871
Posted By: sonofnergal
Posted On: 2004-03-25 15:28:00
Subject: Re: WAG page

Here you go

Thanks deadtyred, this page is the bomb!

Message ID: 117285
Posted By: sonofnergal
Posted On: 2004-03-29 09:12:00
Subject: WAG board

Don't forget to post your WAG's for the close:

Everyone should post, including the trolls (espicially the trolls).

Thanks to deadtyred for making the page.

Message ID: 117914
Posted By: cambo67
Posted On: 2004-03-30 08:49:00
Subject: SCOX WAG Page

Don't forget to drop by and pick a winner, folks!


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