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Posted On: 2004-05-17 09:58:00
Subject: The Linus Smear Continues

This one borders on defamation. I guess there really is no limit to how low these scumbags will stoop. Really makes you wonder what we've become.

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Posted On: 2004-05-17 15:22:00
Subject: Smear for Hire.

Smear for hire

A smear campaign against Linus is being orchestrated by Ken Brown and Gregory Fossedal of the augustly named Alexis de Tocqueville Institute (ADTI). These two individuals have a long history of being "paided" for shilling.

Two fundamental sources are:

Fossedal's private investment partnership and ADTI recieved money from Fannie Mae (at least 87,000) between 1995 and 2002. Reporter Catherine Edwards noted "In light of the flow of money from Fannie to AdeTI and the Democratic Century Fund, it strikes some as an odd coincidence that Fossedal published an op-ed in the Washington Times in late June (2000) defending Fannie and Freddie's stunning successes." Source:

ADTI recieved at least 1.7 million dollars from 3 conservative foundations between 1988 and 2002. These foundations (Bradley, Olin, and Lambe) are the major funders of Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute and similar right wing thinktanks. Funds recieved by ADTI show that it was a small-potatoes operation, compared to the high-profile ones. Grants were awarded for anti-IMF, anti-health reform, defense, conservative education causes (vouchers, etc), and ominously on "research on the US progressive movement since the end of the Cold War.

The mediatransparency and capital research fund list for grants recieved do not correspond despite overlapping in years. These were based on federal 501 C3 tax reports, so there may be some inconsistencies in the ADTI tax reporting.

ATT is a corporate funder of ADTI (at least 115,000 in the 1998-2002 report). ADTI has taken a special and continuing interest in FCC regulation.

Microsoft is a known funder of ADTI, based on press acknowledgement at the time of the 2002 Open Source Debate white paper
many sources, for example:,1411,52973,00.html.

Gregory Fossedal and Ken Brown are principals in the international hedge fund "Democratic Century Fund, LLC" This private fund has recieved investments from the same sources as the ADTI. This raises the question if this private, international money represents laundered payments to Fossedal and Brown.

Fossedal came to prominence in 1980 as a student at Dartmouth. He led the conservative rebellion at the student newspaper, which led to his expulsion as editor, and the founding of the "independent" arch-conservative Darthmouth Review. Arch-conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza was a junior participant in the newspaper rebellion. D'Souza and Fossedal wrote a novel together in the late 1980's

Fossedal works as a independent contractor for UPI. He continues to have an active byline. He is described as emeritus at ADTI Fossedal's most recent biography states he now lives in Lebanon NH

Ken Brown is now the active executive of ADTI. He graduatd from George Mason University in the Virginia suburbs. His biography mentions "publishing' in the right leaning Washington Times. A search of the Washington Times site shows up a letter to the editor (date 10/25/00) to the editor praising a book published by (or for) ADTI, Clearing the Air. The book is by ex-Virginia Natural Resources chief Becky Dunlop defending her environmental record for Gov. George Allen.
Perhaps a letter to the editor is "publishing" but this seems like resume padding in the extreme.

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