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From brian at  Wed May 19 10:19:41 2004
From: brian at (Brian)
Date: Wed May 19 10:30:40 2004
Subject: IBM speaks by memorandum...
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Here is what IBM has stated in their "Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's
Motion to Amend Scheduling Order";

"More than a year after it filed suit, however, despite repeated requests
from IBM and in disregard of two Court orders, SCO still refuses to
identify the specific code from UNIX System V that IBM is claimed to have
misused, either in violation of IBM's licenses for UNIX System V with SCO's
alleged predecessor-in-interest, AT&T, or the UNIX System V copyrights SCO
claims to have been assigned."

Wow - one year and No SysV code in Linux! I thought there were a million
plus lines of SysV code in Linux! Now SCO is unable to produce any!

Now, where do you suppose that pesky System V code in Linux got to?

I am certain that some in this newsgroup will opine that "SCO could still

I maintain that this case will never get to court, rather that the issues
will be summarily disposed of in pre-trial motions - that was my prediction
6 months ago and I am sticking to it.

As for the fate of the SCO codebase? Well, I believe Baystar is going to go
absolutely berzerk when they discover the depth of Darl's deception and
they are going to sue everyone in sight and will lock the prized SCO IP in
court battles until the Sun cools and goes black.


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