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Posted On: 2004-05-20 19:23:00
Subject: Drilling into ADTI

The shill-meisters at ADTI have white-washed their site, and purged the google cache of the old pages. Unfortunately, they left off a few other search caches.
captures a recent ADTI page from the IT wars.

Fossedal and Brown started agitating against the MS anti-trust action in August, 1999, they kept it until Dec 2000, when the Supreme Court reminded them they didn't need to anymore.
In exchange for MS PR, they were paid to issue a 8 page report on MSCE. Cool thing, it even has 3 tables. You can get all eight pages at:
It contains mind-bendingly profound statements, such as:
"Unlike obtaining and analyzing data, understanding the meaning of these findings must be left to conjecture."

Fossedal shilling is self-promoting. In his "bottom line" column for the Moonie-owned UPI he incessantly describes the brilliance of his own "Democratic Century Fund". Of course his investment manager Daniel Malony is now 404'd on the investment site. Maybe he got out early.

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