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Posted By: peragirn
Posted On: 2004-06-01 15:12:00
Subject: ADTI reply

I followed the links from ADTI's site to were one is supposedly able to by the Samizdat book by Ken Brown9not released). I told them straight out with links that Ken Brown is lying, and the people he quoted are calling him on it. I also stated he was opening himself up to libel suits.

Their reply was simple and courteous. They stated one should contact the publisher. Now I don't know who the publisher is, I don't remember seeing anywhere. Does any one else know?

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Posted By: jcauseyfd
Posted On: 2004-06-01 15:40:00
Subject: Re: ADTI reply

For Direct Democracy in Switzerland (Fossedal):

# Publisher: Transaction Pub; (March 2002)
# ISBN: 0765800780

For Kohler... (another Fossedal book)
# Publisher: Transaction Pub; (August 2003)
# ISBN: 0765801922

Looks like Transaction Publishers( has handled recent work by Fossedal, but who knows if Brown will use the same. I did not find anything on their site regarding Samizdat (not listed in forthcoming section).

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Posted By: jcauseyfd
Posted On: 2004-06-01 15:49:00
Subject: Re: ADTI reply

Looks like Transaction Publishers is related to Rutgers University. Good summary page here:

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