Message ID: 144210
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2004-06-11 15:31:00
Subject: the scox-scam was a great sucess

As the scam is winding down, the crunchies are all feeling vindicated. But, in the final analysis, msft is laughing up it's sleeve.

Scox was as good as dead 18 months ago. It was just a matter of: did scox want to die with dignity, or did scox want to live another two years and cash in? We all know scox's decision.

Msft has done what msft set out to do. For a meager $50M "chicken-feed" investment, msft pounded FOSS. Some linux companies may be doing well, but they would all be doing much better if were not for msft's remarkably efficient fud campaign. $50M is nothing to msft, msft spends that much on one of those idiotic butterfly msn commercials. Didio, and others, are still carrying on about the terrible legal risks of using FOSs.

The scox scam was a great success for canopy/scox Mormon Mafia as well. Where else can an untalented sleaze-bag like darl "earn" a million a year? Yes that's more than most American's have earned in their lifetime (average wage used to be less than $26K/yr). The insiders who have cashed in their lavish options are also laughing at the "vindicated" crunchies.

Msft wins again.

I souldn't complain, my short postions have done/are doing great.

Message ID: 144222
Posted By: rex007can
Posted On: 2004-06-11 15:53:00
Subject: Re: the scox-scam was a great sucess

I hope we can add to that great success all the good times those boys will be having at Nellis federal prison facility...

Message ID: 144226
Posted By: rkhalloran
Posted On: 2004-06-11 15:59:00
Subject: Re: the scox-scam was a great sucess

>> For a meager $50M "chicken-feed" investment, msft pounded FOSS

I think on this one, the money was a waste. The reaction of the tech community on this one was so swift and strong that whatever FUD they tried to raise was flushed within a couple of months. And tracking the money on this one brought MSFT's role into view a little more than I expect they would have liked.

At this point the FUD-buster sites are providing a visible counterweight to the spin doctors (THAT'S YOU, ROB!) and the shills (Hi, BIFF) and it'll be that much harder for MSFT to accomplish their penguin-bashing without comment.

At this point, I think the $50M investment has almost generated as much skepticism and outright distrust of MSFT as anything, and for that, I thank them for succeeding in aiming squarely at their own feet.

SCO delenda est!!

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