Message ID: 147912
Posted By: walterbyrd
Posted On: 2004-06-24 22:08:00
Subject: Open letter to Yarro

I know you read the board. I have an idea for you.

The "Protect our IP" thing isn't going anywhere. Darl, and the army of lawyers are just going to bleed you dry. Sure the MMs can float the price, but what good does that do when you can't sell? There are no real buyers.

Maybe it's time to try a new angle. Instead of trying to pump this blown-out tire, why no go in the opposite direction? Push the price down about $10M below the cash value. Then, have some shell company buy scox for that amount. Then you take the $10M and put it in your pocket. Tell Darl to pound salt (we know you hate him).

Sure, the lawsuits will follow you. But Darl gave you that headache anyway. You know the Nazguls are going to peirce the corporate veil. They're coming after you one way or another. So take your money and negotiate something.

Not a perfect solution, but it's a lot better than bleeding to death, which is your only other choice.

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