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Posted By: b29651
Posted On: 2004-07-04 09:22:00
Subject: why i am here

i found linux by accident.a guy came on a network that was almost totally women . a craft network and about the only men were a friend of one of the ladies and a male vendor selling his products related to the craft
this gent that stubbled on there told me about linux explained to me why M$ was so vulnerable.i listened then read and the more i read the more interested i became.then i heard about this case
the arguments presented made no common sene to me
this was a Linux vendor and this code that, even i a newbie could see, was stolen from them and they had distributed it,
well that made no sense since they could see the submissions as everyone else could
common sense is a powerful thing to me.
that is why i did not and never will believe there was nor is any stolen sysv code in linux
if it is there then scox put it there as a trap for this case or it was never there and this was/is a scam.
as IBM will so obviously prove this is the case ,then so will the shill journalists and analysts be shown that they were an attack against foss and that is was deliberate.some journalists tried to discredit some of us,but in some cases the attacks were so petty that people became even more informed and fought back.this is a world wide effort and M$ is seeing our strength and our weaknesses and i dont feel that our weaknesses are anything except lack of money for individual contributors. i must say tho that if M$ targets the coders they may be in for a shock because the generousity of the spirit evident in code/time and sharing of their money when others are in need will become so evident that M$ will not even begin to understand where the fight came from but they will feel it
it doesnt pay to fight the world as scox is learning
statement as to my position in this stock is
i own no shares at all
as this stock doesnt have an option of radioactive i choose strong sell
lovin' it

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