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Posted By: ColonelZen
Posted On: 2004-07-04 01:22:00
Subject: Shill bait


By now you understand that I and many if not most others here are strongly under the impression that you are in the pay of someone for the express purpose of arguing SCOX's point of view or are otherwise financially motivated to do so.

IMO there is nothing per se dishonorable about that. What is ethically repugnant is your continued refusal to disclose your motivation and interest.

(My motivations, if you care, are morbid curiosity - watch the train wreck and see the bodies fly around!, entertainment - it's sometimes fun to argue, comradery - there are a lot of people here I've developed respect for, and education - I'm learning a lot, not just about the SCOX cases, but about heavily manipulated stocks, the stock market generally and often various OT subjects).

So I'm suggesting you come clean. Tell us what you're motivation is. Of course we'll use that to point out "conflicts of interest", but we're doing that anyway. We'll still tear apart your arguments when and where we see flaws. But on the plus side for you, if when you raise an argument you also describe the parameters of what you can and cannot disclose and dispute, I think most of us would be happy to point out that which you cannot argue once or twice then move on have "fun" arguments with what you can dispute.

It would also considerably raise respect for you, at least by some of us (me at least), and I think it would let you be a little more at peace with yourself. I really grieve for what these arguments must be doing to you in terms of angst and emotional turmoil - it's starting to show.

-- TWZ

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