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Posted On: 2004-07-12 09:06:00
Subject: IPC and Version 2.4.20

The Gupta declaration asserts that v.2.4.20 contains copied code in for IPC. The specificity of the version caught the attention of Nobbutl. Source for 2.4.20 and changelogs for 2.5.x indicate that code for HP 64 bit computers was added and then removed. The complications in detection of the HPPA architecture was turned over to system-wide detection function(?). Alan Cox (w/ UK and then a Red Hat address) is credited with the changes in the source.

Speculation: 1) The HP detection code is a trivial use of standard system gestalt variables. 2)Gupta's copy claim is a shot across the bows at Red Hat meant for PR purposes.

The Herrop declaration in p.70-71 describes a number of proposed depositions of IBM engineers and documentation authors. The selection of these names is not cited. They likely represent statements in the sealed Gupta declaration.

I haven't had a chance to research, or even list these authors names, but SCO strategy could be triangulated from looking at this selection AND who is left out.

I need to get started pitt-tagging frogs, so will have to sign off now.

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