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Posted By: al_petrofsky
Posted On: 2004-07-16 23:06:00
Subject: Email to PJ re: accuracy

Yeah, I can be a real ass sometimes. :-)

(Comparatively, though, I took it easy on her: I left out
the unfounded claim that her mistake "did damage".)

To: Pamela Jones<>
Subject: PACER: AutoZone stay now granted; venue transfer

The docket in the AutoZone case has now been updated to list
the "Status" of the Motion to Stay as "Disposed", with the
"DISPO" field of the "Caption" declaring it "GRANTED".

The Status of the Motion to Transfer Venue remains "Sub"
(submitted). For examples that show that this is not how
motions are listed when the court has found them moot, see
docket items 128, 132, 208, 251, and 288 of CV-S-97-0791,
Peltz v. Polyphase.

Please correct your inaccurate report that the Motion to
Transfer Venue is moot.


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