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Posted By: raoulduke_esq
Posted On: 2004-08-02 01:06:00
Subject: SCO Forum 2004 - live update

Well, we're here at SCO Forum 2004, which just kicked off this evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a dinner reception and vendor tradeshow.

The event was attended by, I'd estimate, about 300 people: more than I expected. The reception was very well catered, with a great variety of dishes. In the backgound, a jazz ensemble played elevator music (I did recognize a version of Sade's "Smooth Operator"). The attendees were very friendly and a great time was had by all.

In discussions with vendors and individual attendees, there seemed to be two groups of thought: first, the non-computer-technical industries that were legacied with SCO Unixware/OpenServer, and the terminal emulator vendors. Second were the vendors selling apps that _could_ run under Unixware - or Linux, or BSD or ... There were easily more Windows boxes and laptops there than anything running Unixware/OpenServer.

Finally, and the way out, we ran into a few stragglers from DefCon who were planning to check out the event because they noticed the SCO badges. We clued them in and asked them not to do anything provocative - because the timing of SCO Forum & DefCon 12 seems mighty suspicious to me. They seemed pretty cool and promised to chill.

I hope you found this interesting. More to come tomorrow after the first day's sessions conclude.


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