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Posted By: b29651
Posted On: 2004-08-04 11:06:00
Subject: BR3N is

a volunteer that does not get paid for anything
i am very anti M$ so i tend to get heavy on sending M$ links to PJ
she doesnt tell me what to search for but i watch what she publishes so that i can see what she tends to want? if that is the right way to say that
her stories and the way she writes them let me know if she is interested in what i am sending her
when i say she tends to put me back oncourse it isnt because she says no more or yes more of that
her focus keeps me focused
sometimes the friends are the hardest on us but the respect is earned and that i have no problem with the questioning
noone here has met me personally so my credibility needs questioning when you have doubts
and i dont mind answering

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